How To Get A Perfect Vegan Pie

While attempting to make a perfect vegan pie, it cannot be said that everyone will be successful while trying for the first time. There are many hurdles and challenges that have to be faced to get a perfect vegan pie. The stubborn pie crust will dodge you and provide your lack of expertise and therefore to come out successful, it is better to get thoroughly knowledged about the intricacies of making a perfect vegan pie.

Rolling the dough in the right consistency is the first hurdle faced and if this is done correctly, you are half way through. So, follow all the instructions carefully and take the correct measurement with the help of a spoon to get the right consistency. Once this step is over, it is crucial to place the dough in the freezer for at least one hour to chill the dough slightly. Any lesser time than this, will not help to achieve your target of making a good and perfect pie. Then, the dough has to be taken out and kept as such for five minutes to warm up a little.

The next vital step is to prepare chill water with five ice cubes and two cups of cold water. This is the secret that turns you into a professional. With the help of this bowl of ice water, you will be nearer to getting a perfect pie. While making the dough, you will more likely struggle with it because dough tends to sick and separate giving a challenge to your skill. Therefore, soak fingers in the ice water and sprinkle on the dough as his will enable you to roll out the dough ball better and easily.

After the process of baking is over, loosely cover the crimped edges with prevent over browning. The pie should be allowed to cool completely and then covered with foil and store until it is ready to serve. If you want to have them hot, you can warm the pie in 250 degree oven for about ten minutes.

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