Can You Put A Crock Pot In The Fridge?

A crock pot also popularly known as a slow cooker is an electric home appliance that can be used to cook various dishes like beef, chicken, lamb, etc. The process of cooking in this appliance is very specific and is not suitable for all dishes.

Some key factors should be taken into consideration if we can put a crockpot or a slow cooker in the fridge. We will be answering those questions and some helpful guides along the way. So, let’s get into it.

How Does a Crock pot or Slow Cooker Work?

Before we can begin the topic of if we can store crockpots in the fridge, we need to discuss how they work and what some of their key components are. We will be giving you a short description of it right now.

A slow cooker or a crock pot as its name suggests cooks the food inside of it in a very specific manner. The dishes prepared in it generally have some kind of liquid like water, stock, and other things. The slow cooker keeps the contents inside it at a specific temperature.

The lid of it is also designed to enclose the pot in such a way that no residual heat or water vapor cannot escape. What this does to the ingredients inside the pot is the heat gets concentrated and the liquid gets the flavor of the contents like beef, lamb, carrot, or anything else and makes them tender and soft.

This is how the crockpot gets its signature process curing the food and makes the flavor of the food complex and delicious.

Can You Put a Crock Pot in the fridge?

When getting into the question of if you can keep crock pot in the fridge, there are mixed responses of people and they have their particular points on it too.

In a crock pot, there are different components to it which makes it a functional appliance. And some parts of it should not be going into the fridge. The components that consist of a crock pot are:

  • The main body or the exterior body
  • Electrical parts
  • The dish inside

The main body or the exterior body of the crock pot should not be inside your fridge. This is because it can cause the electrical components of the pot to get wet. After all, the fridge has water contents flowing inside of it all the time.

This will cause the board, wirings, and the connector to get wet from the inside, and the next time you turn on the crockpot, it will electrocute and cause the parts of the insides to be damaged or completely broken.

Other than the main body and the electrical parts that consist of a crock pot, the dish inside where the food sits is safe to put into the fridge with some exceptions. If you can follow some guidelines as to how you should store the food inside of a crock pot, then you should be all good to keep them in the fridge.

How to Safely Store Crockpot inside Fridge

As we previously discussed, none of the components of the crockpot except the dish inside can be stored in the fridge. But we should be very careful as to when and how we should be storing them.

An important step is to never store a slow cooker dish in the fridge while it’s hot or even warm. What that causes to the pot is to forcefully get the dish down to low temperatures which may cause cracks and disintegrate from the inside.

That is why you should let the dish of the slow cooker with the food contents inside come down to room temperature before you pop it into the fridge. This will make sure that the dish is cooling down at a steady and slow pace which will help with its longevity.

Can You Put a Ceramic Crockpot into the Freezer?

We should not put a Ceramic Slow Cooker in the freezer. This is because over-freezing the ceramic dish can harm the dish internally. The dish will accumulate water crystals inside of the little pores of the dish which will cause long-term damage to the dish.

And if you do that, after some time you will see that your crockpot won’t be working as efficiently as it should because of the damage that has been caused because of keeping it in the freezer. So, if you want to keep your crockpot or slow cooker for some time and care about its longevity, you should not do this at all.

Concerns about Keeping Crockpot in the Fridge

Aside from the problems and concerns people generally think about, some other things also should be put into our minds. No matter how safely you put slow cooker in the fridge, they should only be there for as long as 1 or 2 days.

Manufacturers of crockpots will often suggest you to not put the dish inside of the fridge as a safety precaution. When you put the food content inside of a fridge, with the food, the container or the dish of the slow cooker also tends to get quite cold as it is a good conductor.

With that, there comes an increased amount of risk of taking that cold food and starting to cook the food or warm it up on low takes it on the “danger” zone. Many food-safety people will say that there is an increased risk on that food.

For that reason, it is always recommended to keep foods in the fridge using a plastic container or anything that isn’t as conducive. Also, if you plan on warming up the food after letting it out from the fridge on the slow cooker, it is best to leave the food out for a while until it gets to room temperature. After that, you can warm it up and enjoy it as you please.


Although there is no direct reason to not keep the crock pot in the fridge, it is best to say that if you have to keep it there and don’t plan on keeping it for a while, it is safe to keep crockpots in the fridge.

We hope this article helped in getting a better understanding of how we can keep our food on the slow cooker in the fridge and helped you to avoid mistakes that would otherwise be bad for your crockpot.

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