Is Beer Vegan?

Let’s try to figure out if beer is vegan.

Is Beer Vegan?

Beer in itself is vegan. It is made up of grains like barley or wheat, yeast, hops, and water. However, the materials used in making beer, most especially in commercial brewing processes may utilize ingredients that come from animals.

Why would breweries use animal ingredients?

The breweries might utilize isinglass fining that comes from fish swim bladders that works to clear and filter the yeast during the time of fermentation. There are other animal by-products that might be contained in beer and alcoholic beverages such as dairy, honey, egg whites, charcoal, gelatin, and pepsin. These are used to help in clearing the sediments in the beverage. Since these produces are not directly contained in the contents, these do not appear in the labels of your favorite alcoholic drinks.

How do I know which beers are vegan?

There are vegan beers that are produced without the use of isinglass or other animal ingredients that are marketed as being vegan.

There are online sites that can provide you with a complete list of vegan beers such as If you are still in doubt, contacting the brewery directly can give you the assurance that you need.

What else should I watch out for?

Since wine itself essentially comes from grapes, it should be completely suitable for vegans to consume. However, there are the same concerns as beer in how it is filtered. Vegan wine is made and clarified with the help of a clay mineral called bentonite. This alternative will allow the sediments found in wine to naturally settle. The problem with this material is that it takes time to achieve the process.

What are some examples of non-vegan beer?

Guinness, Milwaukee Ale House, Newcastle Brown Ale, Pacific Coast Brewing, Red Stripe.

Keep in mind that some companies may have vegan and non-vegan beers.

So let’s all raise a glass to vegan beers! Cheers!

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