How To Keep Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Fluffy

Chocolate chip cookies are the favorite for many for their delicious taste and softness, but those who have transformed into vegan food find it difficult to sacrifice the taste of cookies. It is not hard to make vegan cookies, but the common notion is that vegan cookies tend to be a little harder and flat as they do not contain eggs, which is mainly responsible for making the cookies fluffy.

True, egg plays a prominent role in giving softness to the cookies and binding the ingredients together and acts as a leavening agent, but there are numerous egg- substitutes available in the shops to offer the chance of making delicious vegan chocolate cookies.

Ener G powdered egg replacer is one such egg substitute, which is purely vegan and can be purchased online or in retail stores.

Banana also gives softness to the cookie, and it is found that half a banana is equal to one egg. Apple sauce can also be used instead of an egg; in this case, a little sugar has to be reduced since apple sauce offers more sweetness to the cookie. If apple and banana are not your choices, you may add a quarter cup of silken tofu with the liquid portion to soften and make it fluffy.

Another good substitute for the egg is to take one tablespoon of cornstarch and a small pinch of baking powder to mix with two tablespoons of water. This is equivalent to adding one egg and gives the cookie softness. Another tip to make the vegan cookie softer is to make them in advance, preferably one or two days before you serve them, because they tend to get softer in a day or two. It is crucial to store them in an air-tight container to retain their flavor.

The moisture must be retained in the cookie to taste good. To make it completely vegan, you will have to replace butter or animal shortening with vegetable oil. While doing so, it is ideal to use only three-fourths of the amount of oil that would equal one part of the butter given in the recipe. Despite the fewer amounts, vegetable oil will give the necessary softness to the cookie.

Since milk is also not hundred percent vegans, a good substitute for milk would be soy milk, rice milk, or any other milk substitute. It is better to get unflavored milk lest it changes the flavor of the chocolate chip cookie. When all the ingredients are mixed together, a good idea would be to chill the dough for 30 minutes before baking to make the cookies fluffy and light.

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