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6 Simple Tips On How To Organize And Declutter Your Kitchen

Time is critical. Thomas Alba Edison once said:

It is actually the only capital a person has and the only thing that he could not afford to waste.

I firmly believe in this statement. That is why it pains me to see so many disorganized people.

Millions of people worldwide, yet only a few appreciate and value the essence of time and being systematic. There are thousands of ways to become more organized – you can be organized at your home, at your work, or take control of your day!

One of the biggest dilemmas that everyone encounters is the struggle with disorganization, especially at work. This is a hindrance to your success and chances of being promoted. Do not worry because there are ways to prevent disorder.

Importance of Relaxed and Calm Mind

You must have a calm and relaxed mind to comprehend and contemplate better. The more you worry and think of your problems, the more you will not concentrate and do your job correctly.

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1. Clean Your Desk

You could think lucidly if you have a clean desk – your desk is somewhat a reflection of what’s on your mind. A clean environment helps you delve and ponder better. Still, it is time-consuming, so you should do this during the weekends or after office hours.

Take everything that is not supplies and put it in a pile on the floor. Or in Inbox (see below). Then dig thru that pile (or Inbox) and find the best place for all this stuff.

Realize that from now on – you will keep all flat surfaces clear and clutter-free!

2. Create a ‘To-Do-List’

When you arrive at your office, think first of what you must do and accomplish today before you start anything.

Categorized and know what should be prioritized first. List those activities accordingly and use the list as your guide in completing your tasks for the day.

3. Organize Files and Supplies

Aside from a clean desk, it is relevant that your supplies, files, and utensils are arranged systematically.

It is better to organize them according to their usefulness rather than their looks. The often you use things, the nearer they should be to you.

4. Get an ‘Inbox’

Get a physical inbox – a place for collecting all incoming papers – mail, bills, papers from school and work, phone messages, receipts. Ideally, you should have 2 inboxes – one at home, one on your office desk. If you work at home, one Inbox will do.

Important! Do not share your Inbox with your spouse or roommate! Every person MUST have their own.

And start using it! Develop a habit of putting every piece of paper in your Inbox. If you need to leave a note to your spouse or roomie, don’t just write a note and put it somewhere – put it in their Inbox!

Process It Every Day

Or even twice a day.

Develop a habit of processing your Inbox daily, either in the morning or in the evening.

Take every piece of paper out and make a decision about what to do with it:

  • Read it and throw it away.
  • File it
  • Decide on the appropriate action on a particular date and time, and mark it on your calendar.

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5. Keep All Surfaces Clean

Surfaces in your rooms – table, coffee table, bed, countertop, and floor – are not storing your stuff.

So make a commitment – I will never ever toss anything on these surfaces.


Your next steps:

  • Clear off everything from these surfaces and put in a pile or Inbox
  • Sort all items and find a new home from them
  • Keep them clean

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6. Reward Yourself

Being organized might not be an easy task, but it is vital. If you have difficulty being organized, challenge yourself and if you accomplished all of it, then reward yourself. It depends upon you if you want it to be daily, weekly or monthly basis.

For example, you accomplished your entire task for the day, so you can treat yourself and have a relaxing bath or foot massage.

Or you can have a cup of coffee and read a couple of pages of your favorite fiction book after work.

Being organized is not easy but very rewarding and fulfilling to be one …once you get started, you will get hung off it. It is only difficult at first, but it is easier than reciting the alphabet as you practice it.

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