Built NY Insulated Lunch Bag Reviews

A lunch bag doesn’t have to look like a lunch bag. It can be a classy purse that goes well with your outfit and does not make you look like you’re eating too much.

It doesn’t have to look bulky too just to fit in all your snacks and meal.

And it can be a really cheap purchase if you are quick enough to grab a discounted model.

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Built NY Gourmet Getaway Totes

Built NY Gourmet Getaway Lunch Totes come in various designs and colors.

Your Spacious Built NY Gourmet Getaway

If you have always wanted to bring along more than your lunch, but a few snacks as well, this bag can carry any shape and size of containers. You can fit in those cold dinners with their uneven shapes.

You can also bring your condiments such as a dressing bottle so you can season your salad just before you eat it. That way, it won’t look gross. A ziplock bag with a sandwich for your snack, along with your utensils can also fit into the bag.

The neoprene material stretches to accommodate your things.

Built Lunch Totes Other Designs

Here is a lunch bag that will become your favorite.

Built NY offers different designs so you can choose which one best suits your tastes. They look really cool. You can pick out a Built lunch tote that you love most.

Shadow Flower

This a very feminine design of the Built NY Gourmet Getaway line that you can give to another female coworker or to your daughter.

Every woman will love the floral design of this Built NY Gourmet Getaway lunch bag.

Nolita Stripe

The stripes and the color of this lunch bag are definitely great. You can just stash in your lunch in this adorable bag so you can bring your homemade food with you.

Multi Dots

Who would think that this nice-looking bag is a lunch bag?

This is a perfect lunch bag for you or your kids.

It is very colorful and printed with large circles of different colors.

Convent Tote Lunch Bag

The bag is very portable. After a workday, you can fold it flat and put it in your purse. You don’t need to carry it back if you did not bring any containers with you.

Also, the bag is really easy to wash. You don’t need to scrub it or brush it but toss it into the washer.

This is very convenient for a lunch bag, isn’t it? Like other lunch bags, it is also well insulated to keep your food at the right temperature for up to 4 hours.

Built Extra Relish Lunch Tote

Do you want to bring your homemade salads and meals with you to work?

Bringing lunch to your workplace has many advantages.

You can save up your money and eat healthy food you chose to prepare for yourself.

This way, you can use your lunch money for other things and at the same time get to eat the food you love.

Your lunch may contain not only your lunchbox but also some fruit, a salad, and a beverage. You can have them all plus a snack in your Built Extra Relish Lunch Tote.

The Spacey Interior of Your Built NY Lunch Tote

You can bring with you the food you want. Just put them in this very nice-looking lunch bag.

There is an interior pocket for organizing your things.

The neoprene material also helps in giving room toy our containers.

It can stretch so your salad dressing bottle, sandwich and lunch box can fit into your tote.

Hands Free Lunch Container

The Built Extra Relish Lunch Tote has removable shoulder straps if you want your hands free. So, at the same time, you can hold your phone or your purse without hassle.

Carry it comfortably when walking your way to work or taking the bus since the straps are wide.

If you brought it fully and it’s coming back empty, you can fold or roll it, then put it in your purse on your way home.

This is very helpful so you do not have to carry an empty bag with you.

If you want to clean up the dust in your tote bag, you don’t have to brush it.

Just toss it in the washer and drip it dry. It dries pretty quickly because of the neoprene material.

Available Colors

Built Extra Relish insulated lunch bag currently is available in 3 colors:

  • Black
  • Red
  • MicroDot

Well-Insulated Lunch Bag

If you happen to have your cold dinner there or a hot meal, don’t worry, it will be kept in its right temperature with the insulation of the bag.

The bag can keep your food warm or cool for up to 4 hrs.

Built Extra Relish Lunch Tote price depends on the color and available discounts.

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