a plate with cut hard boiled egs

How To Cut Hard Boiled Eggs?

My favorite way to eat a hardboiled egg is to just bite into it. I also like to use hardboiled eggs in dishes I prepare. Depending on the intended use, the egg will often need to be chopped, sliced, cut into wedges, or even mashed with a fork. Cutting eggs can be problematic because they can roll or slip. There is also the problem of the yolk sticking to the knife.

We’ve looked at so many methods of cooking and peeling eggs they are aren’t overcooked or damaged. We should take equal care when cutting or chopping them for use.

How To Cut Hard Boiled Eggs?

Here are some methods of slicing or chopping eggs.

a plate with cut hard boiled egs

#1 Using a Wet Knife

I tried wetting both a steel knife and a ceramic knife with water. Egg yolk stuck to both blades.

#2 Using an Oiled Knife

I sprayed both a steel knife and a ceramic knife with cooking spray. The egg yolk didn’t stick to the blades, but I didn’t care for the flavor of the spray on the eggs. Olive oil or some neutral-flavored oil would work and not leave a bad taste.

#3 Using Dental Floss, Fishing Line, or Guitar String

It has been suggested that dental floss, fishing line, or guitar string can be used to slice eggs. I haven’t tried this myself because I don’t see how it would be a better method than using a knife to cut or chop the egg. Dental floss is flat, which would make it difficult to get a clean cut through the egg. The fishing line is finer and would probably do a great job of cutting. The same with thinner guitar strings. There is one problem: it takes two hands to hold the ends of the string. Eggs are usually oval and slippery, with a tendency to move around if not held in place. If you have a way of keeping the egg from sliding around and you want to try cutting it with a fishing line, go ahead.

#4 Using an egg slicer

There are a variety of egg slicers available. The basic slicer is plastic with 6 or 7 wires stretched across a frame. The frame is attached to the base by a hinge, which allows the egg to be placed on the base while the frame is lifted. As the frame is lowered over the egg, it creates slices of egg. Sometimes the wires don’t cut all the way through the egg. If this happens, just squeeze the egg slices together and lift the frame. Press the bottom of the egg with your finger until the wires break through and the slices are complete. You can now use the egg slices as desired. Some egg slicers have two frames: one for creating slices and another for creating wedges. They both work the same way.

Note: egg slicers also make a perfect pat of butter.

#5 Mashing with a fork

When I am adding eggs to my tuna salad, I always mash them with a fork. I hold the egg with one hand and cut it in half with a fork held in the other hand. After the egg is cut in half, I can easily mash it with the tines of the fork. I can make the pieces as large or as small as I like.

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