How To Use A Bacon Press?

Taking a bite of the crispy bacon can take you to heaven. With each bite, your taste buds explode. The mouth-watering flavor and incredible texture take you on a roller coaster. That’s why we can never say no to bacon. But cooking them isn’t so easy.

While cooking you want your bacon to be nice and flat. But sometimes they will curl and shrieval. How can you stop this nightmare from happening? Well, this is where a bacon press can do wonders.

What is a Bacon Press?

As you are reading this, you already know what it is. So we won’t bore you with too many details. A bacon press is a heavy object which has a flat bottom. The function of this object is in the name. Yes, You can use this to weigh down bacon while you are cooking. When you cook bacon, it tends to curl. The bacon press applies pressure so the bacon stays nice and flat.

The best bacon press is usually made of iron so they even conduct heat properly. It distributes the heat throughout the surface. Both the heat and weight make the bacon stay in excellent shape. That’s why when you eat it, it tastes out of this world.

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How to Use a Bacon Press?

Using a bacon press seems straightforward at first. But there is a lot more than meets the eye. Many people forget the essential steps of using a bacon press. Don’t worry. We will talk about each step. But before that, let’s look at the things you will need.

Things You will Need

You will obviously need bacon and a bacon press. Other than these you need a trivet, some forks, and a skillet. Don’t forget to keep a paper towel nearby. It may come in handy.

Steps Of Using A Bacon Press

Now that we’ve got the basic aspects out of the way, we need to follow some steps. So without further ado, let’s look at the steps of using a bacon press.

1. Purchasing the Right Bacon Press

This is perhaps the most crucial step. Purchasing a bad bacon press can ruin your delicate bacon. There are some criteria for a good bacon press.

Always look for a heavy bacon press. A heavy and sturdy press will distribute the pressure uniformly. Also, you don’t want the surface to stick with the bacon. This will either burn the bacon or hamper the texture. That’s why choosing a  bacon press made of cast iron is wise. It keeps the surface separate from the bacon.

You can pretty much choose any bacon press including steel and glass. But make sure not to buy a lightweight one.  It will do more harm than good. A light bacon press won’t be able to apply sufficient pressure. Therefore, the bacon will turn out to be in terrible shape.

2. Seasoning The Bacon Press

When you are using a cast iron bacon press, make sure to season it. Seasoning helps the bacon get a good texture. For other kinds of bacon press, you don’t need to season it. Just give it a good wash and it’s done.

3. Getting The Press Ready

Remember when we told you to take a trivet and some towels beforehand? Now is the time to use them. Set a trivet or pie pan and then put some towels over it. This will hold the press when you are not using it. Get the bacon out of the refrigerator. Then separate and lay them on a plate. Make an effort to split them as evenly as possible.

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4.  Heating The Bacon Press

Now take out your skillet and place it on low heat. You don’t want to put it in high heat as it will instantly burn the bacon. It’s best to use well-seasoned cast iron skillets, but stainless steel ones will be just fine.

Now place the bacon press on the pan for a couple of minutes. You may be wondering why I should do this. A bacon press takes time to build up heat.  You don’t want to use it right away. First, you need to heat it.

5. Placing the Strips

Now that it’s hot, remove it and let it rest for a while. Place the juicy bacon strips onto the pan. After some time, the fat will come out of them. When this happens, turn the strips over.

6. Placing The Bacon Press

After you’ve fried both sides once, it’s time to use the bacon press. Place it right on top of the bacon strips. Take a timer. After 30 to 60 seconds, take out the press and flip the strips again. After flipping it place the press back on for the same amount of time.

7. Finishing

Now you don’t need to use the press anymore. The job is already done. The bacon won’t shrieval anymore. It will be flat because of the pressure. Now you just have to continue flipping it until it gets juicy and crispy. You can cook it depending on your preferred doneness.

Things Not To Do

There is only one thing you should be careful about. Check if your pan is non-stick or not. Using a metal press on a non-stick pan can ruin the surface. It can cause some scratches that you can’t easily remove. So don’t use metal press on a non-stick pan.

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Final Thoughts

Imagine you have some guests in your house. You plan to make amazing strips of bacon for them. But while cooking, the strips get soggy and the texture is just horrendous. How embarrassing you might feel.

A simple bacon press can save the day. It will only take about a couple of minutes to use it. After using it, your bacon will taste fabulous. Everyone will appreciate your culinary prowess.

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