Koko Lunch Bags And Totes For Women

This is a quick overview of the most popular Koko lunch bags product line.

You love to prepare food for yourself and your family. It is an excellent way to save some money on dining out.

So you want to bring your lunches with you to work without carrying a lunch bag that looks like you borrowed it from your kids.

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Are Koko insulated lunch bags discontinued?

Yes, Koko insulated lunch bags are discontinued and you will not find them in any popular retail outlets.

Below you can see alternatives to Koko bags you can buy on Amazon.

Where can I buy Koko insulated lunch bag in 2023?

I have not recently seen Koko bags neither on Amazon.com or in Walmart or Costco.

In 2023 the only place you may find Koko lunch bags is eBay, yard sales, and Goodwill.

Koko Sadie

Luckily, there is a Koko Sadie insulated lunch bag tote that looks fashionably cool! And it costs less than you would expect!

Looks Like A Designer Bag

You love to bring your healthy foods or your frozen goodies with you to work, so you can eat them while you are busy doing your tasks at your workplace. Yet you can’t find an insulated bag that doesn’t look too clashing for your outfit.

Now, this lunch bag does more than complementing your fashion sense. It also keeps your food temperature stable for a long time. Koko Sadie lunch tote is well-insulated to keep your cold dinner cold or hot meals warm longer. Even your beverage will be stored at its proper temperature.

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Carry Your Meals And More

Carry along more than just your meal. You can toss in fruit along with a bottle of water because this bag has a lot of space to spare. You can bring along your containers with you and not just a few sandwiches.

If you want to have a bottle of water in there or any other beverage container, you can feel secure that it doesn’t spill.

Inside the insulated bag, you will need a mesh pocket to keep your bottle upright and your bag dry. You can easily fit your lunch or dinner in this bag that looks like a designer purse.

Keep It Clean Easily

This bag is also straightforward to clean. Just wipe it down or brush it to remove the dust and grime. The bag has a classy modern look perfect for a woman on the go. It has a drawstring and snap-over enclosure to keep out dust and keep your food clean.

So, if you want to eat healthily or bring your homemade meals with you, the Koko Sadie lunch bag tote will be an excellent bag for your meal.

Koko Megan Lunch Bag

If there is ever any competition for the best lunch bag company of all time, Koko would probably win it.

This feat is exemplified by the Koko Megan Lunch Bag, which is perfection in itself. Available in a bunch of intricate designs and exclusive patterns, this bag can fulfill the desires of all its users.

It is insulated, reusable, has a magnetic snap, easy closing, and opening systems, and is entirely made of nylon.

It aims to keep the food stored in it in optimum condition at all times, thus proving itself to be just as effective as a tiffin carrier.

Koko Kate Lunch Bag

Do not let the simple design of the Koko Kate Lunch Bag fool you. It is just as good, if not more than its other Koko Lunch Bag counterparts.

Equipped with an internal bottle holder, this bag features the same insulation and reusable qualities as its sister products. Still, it is made even better with a unique polyester build instead.

This makes the Koko Kate lunch bag incredibly sturdy and relatively more efficient at keeping stored food in a good state.

For a working woman who is always on the run, this is the perfect bag to contain lunch without spoiling the food inside.

Greenwich Koko Keith Haring Bag

The Greenwich Koko Keith Haring Bag, which comes with an insulated zipper and a fashionable black and white design, is the perfect bag for any busy woman.

It is stylish and good at what it does, which is, keeping all the food fresh. It is easy to clean with a simple wipe, and the exterior is made of polyester.

The zipper is worth mentioning here. The pull is apparently cute; it looks like a small person and gives off an alluring look that doubles the whole bag as a great fashion statement.

This bag is also reusable, which means that it can be kept in use for a long time.

Koko Michelle Lunch Bag

Like all other Koko Lunch Bags, the Koko Michelle Lunch Bag is insulated and reusable. It can keep cold food cold and hot food hot for an impressive amount of time.

What’s unlike other Koko insulated Lunch Bags, though, is its one-of-a-kind floral pattern. The red flowers are entangled in black vines. Now that’s a design that catches the eye of all passersby.

Created out of linen, this fashion statement has garnered fame due to its combination of beauty and effectiveness.

All working women would love to have one of these pretty bags hanging around them, and of course, any food they keep in the bag will forever be in perfect condition as well.

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Koko Christy Lunch Bag

Out of all the Koko bags, the Koko Christy Bag legitimately looks and feels like a vanity bag.

However, its actual effectiveness is hidden in its pure nylon exterior. It is a solid and sturdy bag that can maintain an optimum temperature for the food stored inside it. It acts as a tiffin carrier that any woman with constant work and an outside job would require at all times.

It has a trendy design and is easy to use, especially with a tight zipper insulated. The Koko lunch tote is reusable and has been deemed to have a long life.

It is also easy to manage and easier to clean, proving just how comfortable it can make a person’s daily life.


Koko insulated lunch bags were a great way to keep food fresh and cold during lunchtime.

Unfortunately, they have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase.

However, there are still other insulated lunch bags on the market that can provide the same convenience and food freshness. With a wide variety of lunch bag designs and features available, it’s easy to find the perfect insulated lunch bag to meet your needs.