Best Food Processor For Meat

Best Food Processor For Meat Grinding 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

A food processor is an appliance almost every kitchen has, but they live a short life more often than not. It is a common thing even for the quality food processor to stop working, especially for the cheaper models easily. But then again, it is hard to function without one as well.

So, it is very crucial to be able to find the best food processor for meat grinding. Not all high-end appliances perform well, and not all cheaper versions are bad. To find the right one for your requirements, I have reviewed appliances in a few different budgets to help you make the right decision.

There are different benefits that users can enjoy having these kitchen appliances. For instance, it can help in many repetitive activities such as dicing, slicing, and chopping. This will give you more time to concentrate on the meal being cooked, rather than the preparation.

Because of the popularity of food choppers, different models have been made available in the market. This makes it hard for people to choose which one to buy. The best-rated kitchen processors will be identified in this article, including how they can prove a good option.

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Best Food Processor For Meat

Chopping meat is a tricky task for any food processor, and it might be a good idea to invest in the best meat grinder for home use.

But it is more likely that you have a multi-purpose food chopper than a dedicated meat grinder at hand.

I have done my research and discovered which is the best food processor for grinding meat.

#1 Hamilton Beach 70575 14-Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Food Processor, with Big Mouth Feed Tube & French Fry Blade (70575)Check Price

“An all-in-one package” is how anyone would describe the Hamilton Beach 14-cup food processor 70575 with Big Mouth Feed Tube & French Fry Blade. Being able to fit whole fruits inside its body is the least of the features available to this highly cost-efficient appliance. Customers call it great for slicing whole cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, and so on.

Its arsenal includes stainless steel blades which form into a reversible slicing/shredding disc, a chopping blade, and an incentivized French fry disk, a series of total control over what’s cooking.

As crucial as processing speed is, a mash of different speeds would be inconvenient to the user. So, for greater satisfaction, 3 speeds and a pulse mode have been provided for this state-of-the-art Hamilton Beach food processor.

The power prerequisites have been fulfilled with a power source of 525 watts to facilitate such a tenacious processing speed. And to top it all off, the 14-cup bowl is an exceptionally high-performance and durable bowl. Not only is it durable, but the entire thing is also very visually attractive.

For cost efficiency, the Hamilton Beach 70575 is one of the best food processors, with top-tier additional attachments and functionality that caters to all demands regardless of their nature. One would want to buy this meat grinding food processor unit when thinking about the budget before all.

#2 Ninja Ultra Prep Food and Blender PS101

Ninja Ultra Prep Food Processor and Blender with Lightweight 700 Watt Power Pod for Dough, Smoothies, Chopping, Blending (PS101), Black/ClearCheck Price

Features and Benefits

The Ninja Ultra Prep Food and Blender PS101 is the ultimate blender, food processor, and dough mixer combo. Weighing about 1.5 lbs. this food processor is very compact and user-friendly.

The lightweight factor makes it easy to be moved around. It has three interchangeable blades to work with. One is for high magnitude crushing and chopping, the other for nutrient extraction with fine blending, and one for dough and batter mix.

Also, there is a one-touch power control button. The parts of the food processor are dishwasher safe. The 700-watt power pod suits well enough for any magnitude of the job. There are three-speed levels to choose from.

A power pod cleaning brush also comes with a processor. By the way, the company provides a warranty of one year.

The product is compact and lightweight. Basically, it takes up less space than traditional food processors that do the same job.

It includes storage space and a recipe book with 40 recipes. The versatile nature of the Ninja Ultra PS101 is what provides both the classic outlook and user-friendly attributes.

Customers’ Opinions

The food processor is very lightweight and user-friendly. People are delighted that they don’t have to drag it out like other heavy-duty food processors.

It comes with three different blades for three different methods of food preparation. The assembly procedure is straightforward and less time-consuming.

The power pod (with a 700-watt motor) is on the top of the container and is very light. Once the processing is over, one can just remove the power pod with the lid.

Power pods are generally a weighty base below the container. That makes the removal of the container and out taking the food very messy in most cases. But, this particular processor has been engineered against it, making food processing easier.

The three different blades assigned for various tasks are an excellent help for the users. However, the blades are very sharp, and you need to be careful with them.

Once the blade has done its job, it is best to immerse it in a container filled with water. That way, the food particles stuck to it will become easily removable during washing.

If you are not a pod-pressing enthusiast, this blender might not be for you. This food processor cannot be left to function by itself. You’ll have to press the pod over it to control the pressure inside the container.

It works great with a lot of food items. But, if you are making dough, things have a 100% chance of getting hard to clean.

The dough gets stuck in between the blades and in the base of the container. So, be careful not to hurt yourself while force cleaning the sharp blades.

Pros and Cons


  • 700-watt power pod situated above the container
  • Three different types of blades
  • User-friendly functions
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile nature
  • Light-weight and takes less space
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sharp blades and high-power motor


  • Needs hand pressed pressure while processing food
  • The dough gets badly stuck in the blades, so you may want to choose one of these best food processors for dough instead

#3 Cuisinart DLC-10SY 7-Cup Pro Classic Food Processor

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor, WhiteCuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor, WhiteCheck Price

The Cuisinart DLC-10SY 7-cup food processor is a multi-tasker, slicing, spreading, chopping, kneading, emulsifying, and creating puree techniques. It has a large feed tube and an extra-large work bowl.

For chopping and mixing, use a double blade. While shredding, use a medium disc.

Although the motor is rated 600 watts, the food processor does not create any annoying extra noise. It is very heavy, making it easy to grind a ton of food at once, and it is effortless to clean, unlike most food processors.

Another great thing about this product is that its parts can be bought separately if one were to become damaged, lost or broken, which is very unlikely for most other food processor models.

This machine is known to work great and fluently for decades by users, and they rarely require replacement. For under a hundred dollars, this machine proves to be very efficient and suited for heavy-duty usage.

#4 Aicok 12-Cup Food Processor

Food Processor 12-Cup, Aicok Food Processor Blender, Multi-Function Food Processor, 1.8L, 3 Speed Options, 2 Chopping Blades & 1 Disc, Safety Interlocking Design, 500W, Black (Black-1)Check Price

Aicok 12-Cup Food Processor with Wide Mouth is a food processor that cooks a family meal in the shortest amount of time, according to several customer reviews. This 12 cup food processor has a capacity large enough to prepare meals for the entire family even when the family is big.

It is a meat processor and vegetable chopper with two chopping blades and a slicer. It features Safety Interlocking Design. The 500 Watt power is not a hear-tuner but ensures the work is done.

On top of that, state-of-the-art multipurpose accessories have been added to this fantastic food processor. Two chopping blades and 1 reversible disc are the pioneers, 1 stainless steel S-blade used for chopping meat and another plastic S-blade that serves to make pasta dough even, further additions the needs of the user.

The feed tubes are sized based on the requirements of the food to be prepared, and it’s easily changeable. Processing speed comes in 4 stages. Starting off with “low speed” to speed up to “high speed,” and additionally, it has a “pulse” button.

The design, as the developers call it, is humanized. The food processor only works when the lid is closed and securely locked to ensure user security. The big pusher has been appropriately placed in the big tube.

And to prevent unwanted movement during the working period, 4 suckers almost plant the food processor to the surface, facilitated by its solid built body and broader base. If anything, this is undoubtedly a product anyone will want to have considering their budget.

Meat Chopping Food Processor Buying Guide

What are people looking for in a kitchen processor for grinding meat?

I did research online on what people want to see on their product chopper. Here’s what I found.

  • People expect their appliances to last more than ten years, even 20 to 30 years.
  • The processor has to be versatile – powerful enough to make a dough, chop the ice, and be accurate enough to slice vegetables into paper-thin slices.
  • There is always a dilemma – powerful or quiet? Better it be both.
  • People don’t like to run recipes in multiple batches, so the big bowl is a must.
  • The kitchen tool should be easy to disassemble and clean.
  • A storage box for accessories is a must-have, as nobody likes to rummage through the kitchen drawer trying to find that one blade.

Bowl Capacity

The ones with 3 cups are usually smaller in size and, thus, a good fit if you have limited kitchen space. The KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Mini Food Processor (one of the best inexpensive food processor models I have seen) is a brilliant example of this. They are easy to assemble and easy to use.

These food processors usually lag in different sorts of cooking purposes. The model mentioned above has no slicing and shredding blade. Thus, if you are looking for one that saves on kitchen space and is enough to process everyday foods, a 3-cup food processor will do.

The ones with 12-16 cups are usually larger in size. The Cuisinart Elemental model with 13 cup capacity is an example of this. They are pretty tough to handle, but they are designed to serve a lot of purposes. The price tag is definitely higher for such food processors.

People often look for a processor with a glass bowl, but few glass bowl models are in the market. Nearly all bowls are made of BPA-free plastic.

How Much Are 14 Cups?

Did I mention that fourteen cups is a lot of stuff?

  • 14 cups of shredded vegetables or fruit
  • 12 cups of chopped or cooked pureed veggies or fruit
  • 12 cups prepared pureed fruit or vegetables
  • 10 cups of thin liquid, e.g., soup
  • 7 cups nuts for home-made nut butter
  • 6 cups of flour or 4 cups whole wheat for bread dough
  • Dough for 8 dozen average size chocolate chip cookies
  • 9-inch cheesecake recipes
  • 8-inch cake layers
  • 2 pounds of chopped or pureed meat or fish

Best Food Processor For Meat

Motor Power

When doing lots of cooking, you need to remember that the more powerful motor, the finer the blend, the finer the mincing, and the finer the dough.

The ones with lesser motor power usually come at a lower price. An interlock safety system is not typically necessary in these. But the performance is compromised. The Cuisinart FP-8GM Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor 350 watt and Hamilton Beach 70730 Bowl Scraper Food Processor 450 watt are good examples of food processors that will grind meat with ease.

The ones with more motor power definitely make working easy. These definitely require safety locks since these usually have splash and spill issues: e.g.-The Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup 750 Watt and Morphy Richards Icon Dlx 1000-Watt.

Processing Speed

Processing speeds are an essential function to consider in the case of doing various tasks. Mincing vegetables takes a certain processing speed, while grinding requires another.

Single-speed processors like the Electrolux 600500 use a single speed of 1500 rpm. These are usually cheaper. The majority are two-speed food processors like the Electrolux 600501, which has one speed of 1500 rpm while the other is 3000 rpm.

Multiple speed models like KitchenAid KFP0711 have three speeds to choose from. Usually, the lowest speed is suitable for soft food processing like shredding and mincing cheese, grinding dough, etc. In contrast, the harder ones like potatoes and carrots require higher speeds.

The pulse speed option helps process the food with pauses for better grinding and other complex processes for advanced cooking.

Attachments and Blades

Usually, attachments and blades are given along with a food processor because each of them carries out a unique process for your food. They sit on the shaft of the bowl situated at the center of it.

The KitchenAid KFPDCS 5-Disc Set is one of the bright examples of such appliances with many attachments. It is because it comes with 5 discs that serve 5 different kitchen purposes. They are an egg whip, a julienne disc, a French Fry disc, a dough blade, a citrus juicer, and a non-citrus juicer. They also come with an extra-large bowl for larger proportions and a special holder.

The cheaper and compact ones usually come with fewer blades and attachments. They typically come with multipurpose blades, meaning blades that can perform more than one process, albeit with less accuracy. An example is the KitchenAid 7-Cup Food Processor.


Food processors are usually expected to last long since they are pretty pricey. Thus, they come with a warranty. This, too, fluctuates with the price.

Usually, the cheaper ones come with a shorter warranty period. One example is the Fearne by Swan 3 Litre Food Processor, which comes with just a 2-year warranty. This does not include an extended guarantee or warranty for the motor parts.

On the other hand, the expensive ones usually come with an extended warranty of 5-10 years for motors while a 3-4 year warranty for the whole appliance.

One example is the Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0, which comes with a 3-year full appliance warranty and a 20-year motor blade warranty. It is one of the best food processor manufacturing companies.


There are versatile food processor and blender sets like Ninja 4-in-1 Kitchen System. This is a literal ninja in your kitchen that does all sorts of work for you, including grinding meat. It has a load of built-in features like the high-speed blending cup for fast juices. Auto-Spiralizing makes making noodles and curly fries super easy, with total crushing and precision processing.

The blender pitcher is designed in such a way that it does not leak from the bottom. One can pull the blades out without the food falling through, so scraping it out is made easier. Once the pitcher is locked into place, and the lid is well fastened, the keypad will light up. This works as an excellent guide for new beginners.

Although the price point is higher than most, users say it is worth the investment for it does multiple jobs in one, and pretty much all of those features function well.

As I have published dedicated reviews of more affordable processors, let’s start with the ‘under 300 dollar’ price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a food processor with a glass bowl. Which one should I choose?

None of the reviewed food processors have a glass bowl. Actually, I was able to find only one food processor with a glass bowl on Amazon – the mall 4 cup BLACK+DECKER EHC3002B. All other models have BPA-free bowls.

What is the best food processor with a spiralizer?

Coming soon!


There was a time when the best ingredients and culinary accessories were only awarded to the chefs of top star restaurants.

In this modern age, the culinary arts have been made possible to be practiced in every household, thanks to food processors (and reviews that help you determine which one to buy!).

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