How To Cook Frozen Pizza In Toaster Oven

How To Cook Frozen Pizza In Toaster Oven

How to cook frozen pizza in a toaster oven is something many people struggle with. If you don’t do it right, it might come out mushy, which can be a great disappointment.

One thing you should know about using an oven is that your pizza has to fit in it. If it is small, you will have to cut this treat into two to fit. This becomes a problem if it is not frozen.

The crust of the delicacy helps to make sure that the toppings are in place. When you cut it before cooking it, the toppings will melt over the edges.

If you put it in a tray below it, the tray will catch the overflowing toppings. However, the bottom part will not be crispy because the tray will act as an insulator.

Here are the instructions to follow to help you prepare this delicious treat in a toaster oven.

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It is important to note that defrosting is not necessary in this case.

  1. Preheat the best toaster oven to the highest temperature it can go.
  2. Give it ten minutes or more if you have a big one and five minutes if your oven is small.
  3. Take away all the material used to pack the treat.
  4. Place your pizza in the oven. As mentioned before, using a tray will prevent the bottom part from becoming crusty. Therefore, make sure not to use a container or baking tray when exposing it to heat. The heat should directly come in contact with the food. A grill is best suited for this because it allows hot air to flow below it. That is why you should put the treat as close to the top part as possible so it can get enough heat.
  5. Check on it after approximately 5-7 minutes because it tends to cook fast. However, the exact time differs from one oven to another.
  6. When it is ready, most of the cheese in the middle will be light brown in color. You can take it out and enjoy it.

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Tips and Tricks

Some tips and tricks will help you get the best results when making pizza in a toaster oven. Here we go.

Cut the pizza while frozen

If your oven is big enough to accommodate your pizza, you don’t have to cut it. If it is small, then you have no option than to cut it. Also, you may choose to cut it if you don’t plan on eating all of it at once. You can save the rest to eat later.

Some people find it soggy if they cook all of it at once, so they prefer to cut it. Others say that it cooks evenly when cut into slices.

Regardless of why, when you decide to split it, you need to do it while it’s frozen. If you cut it after it has thawed, the cheese and other toppings will start to overflow, and you will have made a mess.

Use a solid knife for cutting

Now that we’ve established that you need to cut the delicacy while frozen, how do we go about it? Just like any other food, it is is harder when frozen. Therefore, not any knife will do.

This is why you need a sturdy kitchen knife for the job.

Cut it on a firm surface

You need a firm surface for cutting it. Open the original packaging and get to work. You don’t need to use a plate. The box and cardboard under the treat will hold it in place.

A hard and flat surface will ensure it does not slide or move.

Apply pressure on the knife while cutting

Frozen pizza is hard. However, it doesn’t mean you should apply too much pressure on it while cutting. Cut it slightly and then exert pressure on the top part of the knife. It will just slide in easily.

If you do this, you will get a clean slice compared to when you put a lot of pressure on the knife before getting a good cut.

Put it directly in the oven

Avoid using a pan, baking tray, aluminum foil, or anything that will prevent it from getting direct heat if you want it to cook fast and come out golden brown and crispy.

Get A Smart oven

If you are often cooking meals from frozen products, you should consider getting a Smart Oven like Breville BMO870BSS Review with Smart Defrost and From Frozen modes.

How To Cook Frozen Pizza In Toaster Oven


When you practice these steps, you will know how to cook frozen pizza in the toaster oven. Once you master this, you will enjoy it, and it will make your work easier.

This is because a toaster oven makes work easier, and it cooks faster. You may find yourself eliminating other cooking appliances.

Pizza is delicious, and you can easily prepare it in your kitchen. What you need to keep in mind is cutting it while frozen if you want to. This will prevent it from running as opposed to when you do it when it has thawed. Also, avoid using trays to get that crustiness at the bottom.

With these steps, you can always prepare this delicious treat for yourself and your family.

All the best as you put this into practice.

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