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Best Small Toaster Oven Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

In this article, I will talk about the best small toaster ovens in 2o23.

Compact toaster ovens have become a must-have in many households. The fact that they are smaller than the traditional ones makes them perfect for small kitchens.

The toaster oven lets you cook a variety of dishes faster. If you have leftovers, you can reheat them and still have them taste as delicious as they did when they were freshly made.

As small as they are (check out the Elite Gourmet ETO236!), they are durable and will serve you for a long time. We are going to look at some of the small and excellent ones that will serve you well. This will come in handy when you are shopping for one.

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5 Top-Rated & Best Small Toaster Oven Reviews

Toster ovens come in various sizes. Some take up less space than others. The small toasters reviewed in this article will fit in between 2 to 4 slices of bread.  That means that reheating pizza or cooking frozen pizza is out of the question – you need a full-size toaster oven for this.

The controls on the toaster ovens are easy to operate. There are usually two of them. One is for the various cooking modes such as toasting, broiling, and baking, while the other is for the timer.

The majority of the small ones have a wide temperature setting that gives you the freedom to prepare various dishes.

I am astonished to see regular size Panasonic and Breville toaster ovens on other websites listed as the best small toaster ovens or best compact toaster ovens

My definition of a small toster oven is a low-priced toaster oven with 2-4 slices of toast capacity. Most often than not, the kitchen counter space is limited. If you are in this situation and do not have enough room for a full-size toaster oven, you should think about getting a mini toaster oven.

If you are looking for a cheaper and smaller appliance, these 3 models are well worth checking out.

The mini toaster ovens can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • narrow toaster ovens,
  • shallow toaster ovens, and
  • low toaster ovens.

1. Elite Gourmet ETO236 (Editor’s Choice)

Elite Gourmet ETO236 Personal 2 Slice Countertop Toaster Oven with 15 Minute Timer Includes Pan and Wire Rack, Bake, Broil, Toast, BlackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Elite Gourmet ETO236 is a decent choice if the small size is a must. It has a 4.5-liter capacity and can toast 2 halves of muffin or bagel or one small slice of pizza at a time.

The Elite Gourmet ETO236 is a toaster oven that comes in white. It fits two slices of bread, and it allows you to bake, toast, and broil in it. The color makes it so attractive, and it adds beauty to your kitchen. You can also use this toaster at your workplace because it won’t take up much space.

It also works perfectly for road trips since it is small and you can carry it with you.

Cooking is easy with the ETO236 because it has a timer that automatically shuts off after 15 minutes. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about overcooking or burning your food as you are doing something else. The food also cooks and gets warmed up quickly.

After the timer goes off, it sends a signal that your food is ready. It rings a bell to show this.

The control knobs are easy to use. The top knob is for function control, and it is written ‘function.’ This is where you choose what you want the oven to do, whether it is toasting, baking, or broiling. The second knob is for the timer, and it is labeled as such. The third knob is for the power indicator.

The oven takes up a small space on the kitchen countertop. Its exterior measurements are 13.25” x 7.5” x 6.5,” and the interior is 9” x 5” x 2” from rack to the top. Its small size also makes it easy to store f you want to take it off the countertop.

The toaster oven has a tempered glass door. Since the door is clear and transparent, you can easily monitor how your food is cooking without opening it.

The door is also shatter-proof, giving you peace of mind knowing that it will not blow off during the cooking process. Its door is designed to handle high temperatures.

It has a cool-touch handle. This makes it easy to open and close the doors even when food is cooking. It is thus safe to handle and operate this appliance.

Elite Gourmet ETO236 comes with a baking pan and wire rack. You can bake and grill different kinds of food in them. Therefore, you can prepare various dishes in the oven.

Its compact design makes cleaning easy.

Some people complain that the oven is too small while others like it because of its size. What many people do agree with is that this is one of the most energy-efficient toaster oven models.

Some users reported that their toaster ovens lack temperatures for baking. Therefore, it becomes difficult for them to know which temperatures to use for items such as potatoes. Also, if you are cooking food that takes more than 15 minutes to get ready, you will have to reset the toaster after it goes off.


  • 650 Watts power
  • Outside measurements: 13.25” x 7.5” x 6.5”
  • Broil, Bake, and Toast functions
  • 15 minute timer


  • Small size
  • Simple controls
  • Very affordable price


  • Too small
  • No crumb tray


Oster Toaster Oven, 4 Slice, Stainless Steel (TSSTTVVGS1)CHECK CURRENT PRICE

Lastly, you might also want to take a look at the Oster TSSTTVVGS1.

One thing that makes it an excellent choice is its visual appeal, making your kitchen look more elegant. It is sleek and curved. Additionally, it has a black finish and silver accents, making it perfect for sophisticated kitchens.

Osten TSSTTVVGS1 oven is manufactured using stainless steel. If you are after elegance and convenience, then this is the toaster oven you should buy. The Osten toaster is easy to use, so you can buy it for your elderly friends and family.

This appliance has lots of control. The temperature control is comprehensive, from 150 – 450 degrees. The timer goes off after 30 minutes, and you can control toasting from light settings to dark. The 30-minute timer means you can cook foods that take longer to get ready.

The two control dials are manually operated, which makes it simple and accurate to cook with it. The top dial is for setting the baking temperature, and you can do that from 150 to 450 degrees F. You can also use it to set the toast or broil mode, depending on what you want to do.

The lower dial is for setting the timer (it can go up to 30 minutes) and selecting the type of shade setting you want for the toast, whether it is light or dark. If you wish to do continuous cooking, then you can set it to the stay-on position.

This black toaster is small and versatile. It allows you to toast, broil, and bake food, and it does this evenly. You can prepare fish, vegetable casserole, cookies, and more in it. There are two sections you can place the rack, which means that you can make a wide range of foods.

The interior has enough space to fit 4 slices of bread. The baking pan is long-lasting. The crumb tray is removable, which makes it easy to clean.

Users can also attest to the Osten TSSTTVVGS1 that it toasts faster than other toaster ovens. You don’t have to wait for ages to enjoy your toast.

The oven door is transparent, which means you don’t need to open it to check on the food. The door handles stay cool, so it’s safe and comfortable to open and close it.

Some users have difficulty operating the settings, and thus they either undercook or burn their toast. Some also said that they find it challenging to identify where the dials are pointing. They don’t know whether the dial is at 150 or 450 degrees.


  • Wide temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees F
  • 30-minute timer
  • toast shade settings
  • 2 rack positions
  • removable crumb


  • Confusing controls

3. Black+Decker TO1313B


Sporting an extra-deep curved interior, the Black & Decker TO1313B is a beauty. Making use of 1200 watts of power, this oven promises a 2-year warranty. It has up to four cooking functions: baking, broiling, keeping warm, and toasting.

With measurements that make it easy to fit in 9-inch pizza or 4 slices of bread, Black & Decker TO1313B features a ready signal bell. It also has a removable crumb table and other accessories, all of which are easy to clean.

The Black+Decker TO1313B offers the user up to four different positions for cooking. Good value for the price. The oven also has a timer that works for all four cooking functions. The temperatures are marked in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, allowing easy operation. Again, this prevents errors while setting the temperature for cooking or heating food.

The user gets a free manual along with the oven. Filled with instructions, it is equivalent to an extra helping hand when baking goodies in the kitchen. A bake drip pan is also included in the oven set.

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Small Toaster Oven Buying Guide

Standard Features Of Small Toaster Ovens

Among various features, the best toaster oven models have the following:

  • Up to 4 different functions: Almost all the ovens have baking, broiling, keeping warm and toasting functions.
  • It comes with a not so roomy interior: All ovens could fit no more than four pieces of toast.
  • They feature a ready signal bell.
  • Temperature knobs have temperatures as high as 450 degrees.
  • They come with a removable crumb tray: These are very easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly
  • The interior of all of these ovens is non-stick.

You can be sure these ovens will cook your hotdogs quickly and easily.

If these compact toaster ovens are too small for your needs, please take a look at my best budget toaster oven review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are small toaster oven dimensions?

As a general rule, a small toaster oven typically measures between 15 and 20 inches in width, 10 to 15 inches in depth, and 8 to 10 inches in height.

What is the best toaster oven for RV?

That depends on your budget. You can use the same toaster oven you have in your kitchen. It would be a smart idea to chose some kind of multi-functional appliance – a convection toaster oven or microwave and toaster oven combo.

What is the smallest toaster oven in the World?

I can not say if this is the smallest toaster oven in the world but this is the smallest toaster oven I have seen – Elite Gourmet ETO236 Personal 2 Slice Countertop Toaster Oven measures 7.5″D x 13.25″W x 6.5″H


Small toaster ovens are a great option for people with limited counter space, for those who don’t need to cook large meals, or for those who want to save energy and money.

Despite their smaller size, many toaster ovens come with multiple functions and can be versatile kitchen appliances. However, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of small toaster ovens before making a purchase, as they may have a limited capacity and may not distribute heat evenly.

When shopping for a small toaster oven, it’s important to measure your counter space and to look for a model that fits your cooking needs and preferences.

With the right small toaster oven, you can enjoy delicious and convenient meals without taking up too much space in your kitchen.