Toaster Oven on shelf In Small Kitchen

Where To Put A Toaster Oven In Small Kitchen?

If you don’t have a large kitchen, then one of the things you always worry about is where to store your appliances.

You need to be creative when it comes to storing kitchen appliances if you are working with a tiny kitchen. That is why you need to know where to put a toaster oven in a small kitchen.

As beautiful and as functional as the device is, if you don’t make proper plans to store it, it can simply be another item that crowds your cooking area, and you don’t want that.

This is an appliance that is frequently used and so you should not keep it in a place that is difficult to access. At the same time, you shouldn’t allow it to be in your way and clutter your kitchen.

You may be thinking of buying the appliance, but you are worried about where to put it if you don’t have much space. Let’s look at some options.

Toaster Oven on shelf In Small Kitchen

Storage Options

Pullout Drawer

A pullout drawer is one of the best places to store this gadget. It keeps the appliance away but also makes it easily accessible.

Whenever you want to use it, you pull it out of the drawer and then store it again when you are done. This saves space.


If you want the appliance out of the way but you still want to display it, shelves are a great idea.

You shouldn’t limit yourself when it comes to shelves because there are different ideas around them. For example, you can install an open shelf if you don’t have one and keep your toaster on it.

You may also get a toaster storage box where you can tuck in the appliance before putting it on the shelf or somewhere else.

Shelves that are nicely built will also make your kitchenette aesthetically pleasing.

Under Cabinet

You can mount the gadget under a cabinet. This works well if you have a type of toaster oven that comes with a mounting plate. The countertop below it then becomes a landing spot. It is possible to add a pull-out board below it which can also act as a landing place.

Cabinets are a fantastic way of creating space by keeping equipment out of sight.

Appliance Garage

You can create an appliance garage by installing a cabinet on your counter. Although this still takes up some space, it keeps your oven and other appliances out of sight. You don’t go around stumbling on them because they are hidden away.

If you go for the appliance garage, make it sizeable to avoid taking up a lot of space. Otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of having it.

Another plus to using the garage is that you can create one that matches your style and make it blend with your décor. You can then enjoy having the best toaster oven in your kitchen.


You can place a toaster oven on the counter, even if it is wood. If you have a space in the corner, that will be perfect for the appliance because it wouldn’t be in your way. Also, it will have enough landing space for the food you prepare.


Storing your budget toaster oven in your cabinet is also an option if you have minimum space in your cooking area. This is incredibly convenient if the cooking equipment is not too large. You only bring it out when you want to use it, and afterward, put it back in the cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a toaster oven in a cabinet?

Yes, you can store your toaster oven in a cabinet. But you should not use the toaster oven in the cabinet because it requires plenty of ventilation and air circulation when used.

Can you put a toaster oven under a cabinet?

You can put the toaster oven under a cabinet if it is a model designed for under-cabinet use. You can damage your cupboard and oven and cause a fire. In some cases, you can install the toaster oven heat shield between the cabinet and your toaster oven. However, you will still need a space for air circulation.


We have provided you with various options on where to put your toaster oven in a small kitchen. You can definitely find one or two that work for you. You don’t have to shy away from purchasing it simply because you don’t have much room in your cooking area.

All you need to do is pick an idea and implement it.

Once you’ve gotten this right, your house and your kitchen, in particular, will look bigger, cleaner, and more organized.