Can Toaster Oven Go In / On / Under Cabinet?

You may be a frequent toaster oven user looking for a suitable location in your cozy abode. Do you have a tiny kitchen and struggle to find a place to store your toaster oven in your kitchen?

No need to be concerned about appliance storage anymore because even the smallest kitchen has cabinets.

Now your question must be, can you put your toaster oven inside, over, or under the cabinet?

Stay tuned to get your answer.

Can A Toaster Oven Go Under A Cabinet?

If you investigate the safety of storing heat-generating appliances, you will discover that placing a toaster oven in a cabinet is not recommended.

Toaster ovens require enough ventilation and heat retention for a certain amount of time. Keeping it in the cabinet might jeopardize your entire kitchen.

Is It Safe To Put Toaster Oven Under A Cabinet?

No, it is not safe to place your toaster oven underneath your cabinet under normal conditions. If you want to put your toaster oven below a cabinet, look for the type of toaster oven that is intended to be placed safely under a cabinet and has plenty of insulation.

You can put your toaster oven beneath your cabinet, but it takes more than just pulling out your toolbox and attaching it. Before your tiny grilled cheese catches on fire, it’s always good to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Can You Put Toaster Oven In A Cabinet?

While some newer versions of toaster ovens keep the exterior cold (more on that below), the ordinary toaster oven has poor insulation. It gets pretty hot on the exterior everywhere except the door handle.

Toaster ovens include rubber feet to protect surfaces. However, it is always recommended never to put anything on top of the toaster oven while in use.

For example, if the cord of a nearby kitchen appliance was in contact with your toaster oven while it was in use, the cable might quickly burn, causing sparks and tripping the breaker.

Is It Safe To Put Toaster Oven In A Cabinet?

If you research storing machines that produce heat safely, you will eventually find that putting a toaster oven inside a cabinet is not recommended. Toaster ovens need adequate ventilation to keep the heat for a specific time. Keeping it hidden away in the cabinet might end up causing problems for the entire kitchen.

Can You Put a Toaster Oven On A Cabinet?

You can put your toaster oven on a cabinet until you install proper insulation and airflow.

Is It Safe To Put Toaster Oven On A Cabinet?

A toaster oven can heat up to 400 degrees, and until and unless the range has enough space to cool off, you are good to go.

Can You Put A Toaster Oven In A Pantry?

It should not be an issue as long as it is carried out securely while ensuring that you preserve all approvals. I put appliances in enclosed spaces, and I’d want some relay on the electrical outlet that would shut off power when the pantry door was closed.

Is It Safe To Put Toaster Oven In A Pantry?

A more careful individual could probably plan to keep it unplugged when it’s not in use. The most significant concern would be that someone might “forget” they were using the heating system, causing it to go to waste behind closed doors.

Will My Cabinet Or Pantry Catch Fire From The Toaster Oven?

Experts recommend thick wooden tops because thin wooden surfaces can get heated only after extensive usage, causing light wood to catch fire. If the wooden slabs or shelves are made of sturdy wood and have a protective cover, your toaster oven is safe to put on wood.

Wooden surfaces require relevant 450° Fahrenheit temperatures to catch fire, which a toaster oven cannot achieve. As a result, most hardwood tables built for kitchen usage are toaster oven safe.

If you’re worried about your table catching fire, you may put an insulating pad below the oven. This prevention would act as insulating, shielding the wood against heat damage.

However, following the manufacturer’s safety precautions is crucial to guarantee maximum safety.

How To Protect The Cabinet From Toaster Oven Heat?

Toaster Oven Shield

You can place the oven shield to run down the back and the top or bottom of the toaster oven and shield it from the wood. When you have this in position, you can rest assured that the appliance will not let out an excessive amount of increasing heat.

Cool Touch Toaster Oven

After that, the ideal choice is to put money into a toaster oven with a cool touch. The outside of this toaster oven will remain cool even after you turn on the appliance.

Creating space

You should leave some space between both the oven and the cabinets. Most manufacturers suggest leaving 4 inches between the top of the toaster oven and the cabinet. Also, if you use a toaster oven inside a cabinet, you need to spare enough space for the door of the cabinet to be open so that air can flow.

How Much Clearance Does A Toaster Oven Need?

We recommend leaving at least 15 centimeters of space in all directions around the oven for air to circulate freely.


By now, you should know if you can put your oven inside, over, or under the cabinet. Precautions are always better than cures!

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