Can You Put a Toaster Oven On Wood?

It’s common knowledge that all kitchen appliances must be handled properly and with care, especially if the appliance generates heat.

Toaster ovens give out a lot of heat so wooden surfaces might be a questionable choice for placing the appliance.

So, you might be wondering if keeping the toaster oven on wood will be safe or not. Dive into the article to find more answers.

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Can You Put the Toaster Oven On Wood?

Yes, you can put a toaster oven on wood. You will find them radiating quite a lot of heat, but it’s not enough to ignite the wood it’s placed on.

All you have to make sure of is that there isn’t any obstruction in the airflow and the wood is not surrounded by combustible material.

Is It Safe To Put a Toaster Oven On a Wooden Shelf Or Table?

Yes, you can put the toaster oven on the wood shelf and table.

Keep away a cluster of combustible material because toaster ovens have a high heat output. Another safety precaution that you should maintain is not to touch any part of the oven just after it has been used.

Additionally, because toaster ovens have exposed heating coils, proper ventilation is required. Make sure to leave the area around your toaster oven open for proper airflow, and then you are good. So using the toaster oven in a closed cabinet is not a smart idea.

The bottom surface of the toaster oven is properly insulated with rubber feet, so it is very safe to put the toaster oven on wooden surfaces.

Will My Wooden Table Catch Fire From The Toaster Oven?

No, your wooden table will not catch fire from the toaster oven. Just to give yourself surety, place the toaster oven on a thick and sturdy wooden surface. Some of the light wood can become heated from prolonged use, but that’s nothing to worry about.

Wood catch fire at a temperature of 450°F and higher. A toaster oven exterior never reaches that level of heat which is why it is why your wooden table will not catch fire from the toaster oven.

If you are still worried, you can add an insulating pad below the oven to trap heat.

How To Protect The Wood Surface From Toaster Oven Heat?

The heat radiated from toaster oven is not enough for the wooden surface to catch fire.

For added protection, you can put add ceramic tiles on the wooden surface since they are a good insulation material and don’t easily catch fire. Protector mats are a good alternative, too.

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Some of the tools you should use if you are terrified of catching yourself in fire from putting the oven toaster on top.

Use Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles have received their fair share of heat that they can tolerate toaster ovens extremely well. If proper installation is ensured, then the whole process works effortlessly, and you will have nothing to worry about at all. Using ceramic tiles also protects the wood for a long period of time.

Use Table Protector Mat

Table protector mats are well-known to be excellent heat-resistor, so this is another good option you can go for if you can’t work with ceramic tiles. Not only that, but your toaster oven will also remain to sit well since they prevent any slippery accidents.

Free-Standing Wooden Tables

These tables are a great choice to put toaster ovens on if you have a small kitchen. They can be moved easily from place to place. Including this, free-standing wooden tables provide good airflow.


If you were worried about putting a toaster oven on a wood table or shelf, now you know that you can freely do that. The chances of a toaster oven causing a fire if you put it on the wood are little to none.

We have discussed how wood cannot catch fire so easily, maintain all the precautions, and how you can prevent accidents or protect your wooden countertop by using a table mat or ceramic tiles.

If this still worries you, then you can also follow some of the ways to protect the wood surface from the toaster oven heat, like ceramic tiles, free-standing wood tables, or table protector mats.

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