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How To Dispose Of Old Pots And Pans | What To Do With Old Cookware

We love our cookware, and they serve us well. However, at some point we will have to figure out the best way how do you dispose of old pots and pans. This is because the time comes when your old cookware cannot perform as before, and we need to let go of them and get something new.

Sometimes, you just want to upgrade to an improved model and hence the need to do away with the old pots.

You may have reached the decision that you just want them gone but do not know how to proceed. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Many people usually get confused about how to go about disposing of the pans.

There are meaningful and environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of your old cookware.

Do you want to learn what to do with old pans and pots? Keep reading!

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Why Is It Important To Properly Dispose Of Used Cookware?

You might wonder you should care about how you dispose of your old cookware. After all, they are yours, and you can do whatever you want with them. The reality is that the correct disposal of pots and pans is safe for you and others in the community.

Poor disposal of old cookware can cause industrial pollution. The World Water Development released a report saying that tons of chemicals find their way into groundwater every year. If you carelessly throw away your metallic pans and pots, they might end up contaminating water bodies. You and other people could end up drinking that water and having health problems.

Improperly disposing of your old cookware can lead to aluminum poisoning. There are cooking pots made of aluminum. When the aluminum gets into the soil, air, or water, it poisons them.

Studies show that ingesting large amounts of aluminum can harm the human brain and nervous system.

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How To Dispose Of Old Pots And Pans

Below I have listed some of how you can do away with your old best cookware set.

Donating your old cooking utensils is one of the best ways of getting them out of your kitchen. Doing this is not only a kind gesture but also relieves you of cluttering your house. This option is excellent if your pots are still usable, even though they are old.

Some organizations accept various kinds of donations, such as old cookware. The Salvation Army is a perfect example of such an organization.

You can also look around your neighborhood and find groups that could benefit from old kitchenware and give them your pots and pans.

You can also give them to your friends whom you know would benefit from them or post online, and you’ll get people who wouldn’t mind having the pots.


The various municipal departments of public works recycle unusable items. If your pots are too old to be donated, then you can give them to your municipal department to recycle them and make them into something beautiful.

Some companies accept old pans from their customers, recycle and send them back to them. If you are Calphalon’s customer, then you can enjoy this privilege. Just send the old cookware, and it will be recycled free of charge.

It is vital to note that Calphalon does not accept glass and plastic pieces. If your pots and pans are non-stick and uncoated, you are in luck because Calphalon will love to assist you with recycling them.

Sell As Scrap

How amazing is it to know that you can get money for your old cookware? Well, it may not be much, but it’s something. If you don’t know of any local scrap metal dealers, search for them on the internet.

Ensure you call the company before going there. They’ll need to know the type of pans and pots you have, whether they are coated, and various kinds of information. This will save you from making a meaningless trip if they don’t usually accept the type of cookware you have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recycle Teflon pans?

If you have an old Teflon pan, your options will vary and depend on your location and goal. I am sure you will find a local recycler or scrap yard that will accept the Teflon cookware. Another option is to remove the non-stick layer by sandblasting or walnut blasting and continue using your pan.

4 old skillets


The first thing that might come to your mind when thinking of disposing of your old pots and pans is to throw them in the dustbin. However, there are betters ways of going about it.

You can choose the different methods mentioned here and end up making a difference in someone’s life even though that wasn’t your initial intention.

You can also make some cash out of your old pots.

The thought that your old cookware can give rise to a beautiful item is another thought you shouldn’t leave out when thinking of letting go of your old cooking utensils.

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