What Can You Put in a Steam Mop to Make It Smell Nice?

Most people who own steam mops often wonder what they can put in them to make their floors smell nice without compromising their device’s durability.

If this is you, welcome aboard.

Finding what to put can be daunting. But fortunately, in this article, I take you through a list of products you can use to achieve that great smell effortlessly.

Let’s get started.


Most manufacturers suggest you only use distilled water to ensure the best cleaning experience and extended durability. Therefore, think twice before putting anything that isn’t recommended.

What Can You Put in Your Steam Mop to Smell Good?

Some of the products you can use to make your steam mop and your travertine floors smell nice include:

Bissell Eucalyptus Mint Demineralized Water

This is a ready-to-use scented solution that you can put in your steam mop to smell nice.

It contains 100% demineralized water that maximizes steam mop filter performance, extending your device’s lifespan.

The smell of eucalyptus and a little mint in the product leaves a super fresh fragrance after cleaning your floors and surfaces.

Bissell Eucalyptus Mint Demineralized water is extremely easy to use. You only need to put it inside your device’s tank, just like regular water, and you are good to go.

Most users assert that the product helps achieve clean and nice smells throughout their homes, necessitating recurrent use.

So why not try it too?

Hoover Steam Plus 4X Hard Floor Solution

The Hoover Steam Plus is a powerful cleaning solution that combines with Steam to wash hard floors safely.

It has a fresh linen scent that gives your surfaces a clean, crisp scent resembling freshly laundered clothes that are still warm and incredibly plush.

The solution is four times concentrate, giving you four times the cleaning power, so you can clean more using less.

Hoover Steam Plus is phosphate-free, which ensures your cleaning is environment-friendly.

To use this product, you’ll have to dilute it since it is 4X stronger. The diluting process is pretty simple.

For every 1 oz of the solution, add 4 oz of water. With this, you’ll have a perfect mixture to leave your house clean and smelling nice.

Add the mixture into your water tank, just like normal water, then clean.

Steam Mop Scent Disc Fragrance Scented Pads

The Steam Mop Scent Disc is a small, circular scented pad. It is slipped into a mop pod pocket, so the steam diffuses its fragrance to leave a fresh, clean scent.

These discs come in various scents: lavender, lemon, citrus, and cherry blossoms, giving you a wide range of scents to select.

Steam mop scent discs have a wide range of compatibility; thus, you can use them on various brands of steam mops.

The discs are extremely easy to use. You only need to put one in the mop pad or scent tray, so as the Steam flows, it carries the fragrance from the disc.

What Should You Not Put in the Steam Mop?

Most manufacturers provide clear guidelines on what can be put in the steam mops.

Nonetheless, you should not put anything in the steam mop apart from water and the solutions I have mentioned above.

An example of what you should completely avoid putting is any chemical substance.

Why should you not put any chemicals in the steam mop?

Steam mops have a heating element that heats water to make steam for cleaning.

Therefore, if chemicals come into contact with the heating element, it can result in your device being damaged or the emission of toxic fumes.

As such, avoid using chemicals in your steam mop to prolong its lifespan and be safe.

Can I Put Essential Oils in My Steam Mop?

No, you shouldn’t put essential oils in the water tank.

Essential oils are insoluble and thus will most likely clog the system as they won’t evaporate. However, if you want the fragrance, you can dab a drop of the essential oil inside the mop head before attaching it to the steam mop.

Can I Put Dish Soap in My Steam Mop?

No, you shouldn’t put dish soap in your steam mop.

Most dishwashing soaps contain a chemical called Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS). It is used as a foaming agent that helps clean the surface of the utensils. When heated, this chemical can also emit toxic fumes of unsafe sulfur oxides and sodium oxides.

In addition, dish soap can damage your steam mop, reducing its lifespan.

Can I Put Vinegar inside a Steam Mop?

No, don’t put vinegar inside your steam mop. Vinegar is a harsh chemical that can cause damage to the steam mop since the device is not meant to hold up against harsh liquids.

Vinegar can also make your steam mop unsafe when the chemicals get heated and emit unsafe fumes.

However, you can use it for descaling where a manufacturer allows it. I have written a blog post about using vinegar in a steam mop.

Can I Put Floor Cleaner in My Steam Mop?

No, you shouldn’t put floor cleaner in your steam mop.

The Steam does a great cleaning job; thus, adding floor cleaners would be unnecessary. Additionally, floor cleaners contain chemicals that can emit harmful fumes when heated, making them unsafe.

I have written a blog post about using floor cleaner liquid in a steam mop.


Knowing what you can put in your steam mop to make it smell nice helps you give your house a fresh and clean scent without tampering with the durability of your steam mop.

Some of the products that can help you achieve this include:

  • Bissel Eucalyptus Mint Demineralized water
  • Hoover Steam Plus 4X Hard Floor Solution
  • Steam Mop Scent Disc Fragrance Scented Pads

These are easy-to-use products since you put them in your device’s tank or mop pad before cleaning. As such, you will effortlessly have your surfaces smelling nice after you clean.

Try one of them today.

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