Can You Put a Floor Cleaner in a Steam Mop?

You wonder if putting a floor cleaner in your steam mop is a good idea. It could do a better job of cleaning your floor.

I understand and relate to your challenge. Water is often used with floor cleaners to eliminate all dirt and disinfect the cleaned surfaces. Is it possible to clean your floor without using cleaners?

I have researched steam mops, their efficiency in cleaning, and if one should use floor cleaners.

I love cooking, but unfortunately, this means a messy kitchen every other time. Having a mop that removes all the stains each time is a must-have for me.

Why Would You Want to Put Floor Cleaner in Your Steam Mop?

You may want to improve the cleaning power of the mop especially if you use your steam mop to clean the travertine floor or other difficult-to-clean floors. Floor cleaners help to get rid of stubborn stains and disinfect the floor. They make it easy to clean the cracks and crevices that would otherwise be hard to get to.

I know you want a cleaner that leaves your floor sparkling and removes stubborn dirt in the grout between your tiles. Cleaners also give the benefit of a fresh smell.

The good news is that your steam mop can achieve all this without adding cleaners. Steam mops produce steam with very high pressure that gets into even the small gaps to remove dirt. Moreover, no germs can survive the high heat of the steamer.

Steam mops offer you convenience and efficiency by cleaning once, thus saving time and water. Using chemicals and floor cleaning solutions necessitates you rinse the floor after application.

Cleaning without chemicals makes your home safer and healthier for everyone, including adults with allergies, children, and pets. Chemical cleaners may contain substances that harm the respiratory system, skin, and eyes.

Can You Put Floor Cleaner in Your Steam Mop?

Absolutely not. Unless your model’s owner’s manual says otherwise, never put floor cleaner in your steam mop. You will damage the mop.

Most steam cleaners require distilled or demineralized water. Floor cleaners and regular tap water can clog the steam mop with mineral deposits, making the mop ineffective. The steam from the mop will clean your floor perfectly without the need for additional cleaners.

With experience using a steam mop comes the realization that it cleans well and does not require chemicals. The steam mop removes even the most stubborn stains. I do not know if it is true, but I have read that people have used the steam mop to remove nail polish from the kitchen floor, leaving it shiny and without a trace of color.

Adding solutions or chemicals to your steam mop can burn on the heating elements, reducing their efficiency and eventually burning them out.

When in doubt, check the manual that came with your steam mop for instructions on use and features.

How to Use Floor Cleaner With a Steam Mop Safely?

In a spray bottle, dilute a small amount of your floor cleaner with water. Spray the solution onto the floor, then clean the area with your steamer. Repeat for any areas you wish to clean.

After cleaning, remove the washable pads and put them in your washing machine. If your cleaning pads are disposable, remove and discard them.

Most cleaning solutions are highly concentrated. If used without dilution, the steam action of the steam mop can evaporate the cleaning solution and change its chemical nature, making it hazardous to your health and your floor.

Cleaning solutions contain ammonia, which produces hazardous fumes when heated if used in excess.

Also, look for fragrance disc slots if you prefer a scent after cleaning. Manufacturers cater to those who like fresh scents and include this feature in the steam mop. If your steam mop has these slots, you can add your favorite scent to your steam mop as you clean.

However, if it doesn’t have this feature, don’t add anything other than distilled or demineralized water or your mop won’t last long.

Also, check to see if your mop has a replaceable filter. Some steam mops allow you to replace the filter when it is clogged or worn out. Replacing the filter protects the heating element and pump from damage, so your steam mop will last longer.


Now you know why you should avoid adding floor cleaners to steam mops. Putting floor cleaner in your steam mop would only reduce its lifespan and not improve its cleaning efficiency.

Steam mops are convenient, easy to use, efficient, and time-saving, but they need proper care.

Care includes:

  • Adding only distilled or demineralized water,
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions,
  • Use vinegar to descale your mop (only if the manufacturer suggests it!), and
  • Resisting the urge to put cleaners into them

Spray a diluted floor cleaner solution on the floor and mop if you use a floor cleaner.

Steam mops give you the advantage of a very nice, clean, disinfected floor without chemicals. Using a steam mop should be straightforward and enjoyable for you.

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