Philips HomeCooker

Jamie Oliver Philips HomeCooker With Cutting Tower Review

Many food processor brands have introduced revolutionary kitchen and cooking products that have proven to be very helpful, especially for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

If you love cooking, the new Philips HomeCooker is an item you won’t want to miss.Philips HomeCooker structure

For many people, cooking at home is an activity that is a lot of fun.

However, many people did not want to cook because they found the task exhausting and, most of the time, frustrating.

Frustration often results from not achieving the desired outcome, such as the quality of food.

Since the Philips HomeCooker is new to the market, only a few people have used it, and fewer have actually tried it in their kitchens.

It has a multitude of features and functions that will surely be useful to anyone who cooks.

This cooker has been endorsed by Jamie Oliver.

Philips HomeCooker Features

Multiple Cooking Functions

One of the best things about the Philips Home Cooker is that it offers multiple cooking functions. It is perfect for people who may not have the luxury of time. Still, it can prepare food for the family and loved ones—this way, they do not need to go for the inexpensive food processor.

Aside from the main heated cooking pot, this product also comes with a stirrer in the middle, allowing you to cook and stir simultaneously. Besides, it can also serve as a warmer to help keep your food at its best, even if it is left for hours inside the cooker.

The Philips Home Cooker does more than just cooking. It will be a trusted friend as it can help you in other things that need to be done when cooking, such as chopping, frying, sautéing, and steaming. It can replace your best inexpensive food processor.HomeCooker and High Tower processor

Unique Stirring Arm

The Philips Home Cooker comes with a stirring arm that is placed at the center. This is equipped with innovative AutoStir Technology. It seems like you are cooking with a friend who does the stirring, when in fact, it is the cooker that actually does the automatic stirring.

Minimal Required Supervision

It is also a good thing that the Philips HomeCooker is designed so that it requires minimal supervision, making it perfect for busy people. For instance, the cooker automatically turns off when the meal being prepared is already done. It will also give you an assurance that the food will not be burned or overcooked.

Also, the QuickSet Timer will prove to be helpful. You no longer have to worry if you have to do other chores while you are even cooking. Just set the timer and proceed with all the other things that need to be done.

Multiple Cooking Options

The Home Cooker is a complete package. It has a steaming basket, pasta insert, and tray, which makes it useful for cooking various kinds of food.

Recipe Book

To add, aside from the cooking accessories that are included, it also comes with a free recipe book. This means that you can quickly become a gourmet chef by merely following the cooking instructions in the cookbook. Everyone will be amazed by the food that you prepare.

Easy Cleaning

Many people are often worried about keeping their cooker clean all the time to keep it at its best quality. Philips HomeCooker is very easy to clean. Some of its components are also safe to be placed in the dishwasher.

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