12 volt car coffee maker and saucepan

12-Volt Kitchen Appliances For Car

Are you tired of eating cold, bland food or takeout whenever you are traveling or on the road?

I know the struggle of wanting to cook on the road but being limited by the number of appliances one can use in the car. That is why the concept of 12v kitchen appliances I can plug into the cigarette lighter plug or my battery excites me.

From mini-fridges to rice cookers, ovens, and coffee makers, these appliances will completely change your life. Find out what 12v appliances exist and what options exist for those that do not.

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Can You Use 12 Volt Kitchen Appliances With Truck 24 Volt Power System?

Yes, you can use a 12V kitchen appliance in the truck powered by a 24V battery, but you will need a power converter to convert the power to 12v for the appliances to function.

Can I Use My Regular Kitchen Appliance in My Car?

Yes, you can use your kitchen appliances in the car. However, note that you need an inverter like Renogy Pure Sine Wave Inverter that transforms the 12 volt DC output of the car’s electrical system into the AC 110 volts required by your kitchen appliance.

12-volt Kitchen Appliances

Let’s take a look at the most popular 12 volt kitchen appliances that exist and find out which ones do not exist.

12-volt Air Fryer

There are no 12-volt air fryers in the market because they require more power than car electrical system can provide.

But you can use your regular air fryer. To use it in your car, you will need a 12-volt to 110-volt converter to be connected to the car’s electrical system before plugging your air fryer into it.

Note that you must use the air fryer while the engine runs. Avoid frying and driving simultaneously, as your battery may be drained quickly. Fry food once you have parked your car but left the engine running, and make sure to unplug your appliance when not in use.

12-volt Blender

There are no electrical blenders that you can plug into your car while on the move. Maybe that’s because rechargeable portable blenders are all the rage. These blenders are effective, small, easy to carry, easy to use, and recharged from any USB power source.

Most portable blenders are fully recharged in two-three hours and can make up to thirty drinks on a full battery. Avoid overfilling your blender, and add in liquids to help with blending. These blenders make drinks enough for only one or two people at a go. Expect the portable blenders to work differently than your electrical countertop blender.

12-volt Coffee Maker

12-volt coffee makers are great for the road, camping trips, power outages, and off-grid locations. Most of these coffee makers are smaller than the models we use at home and make just a few cups of coffee at a go.

These coffee makers differ from regular coffee makers in their power. Regular coffee makers take a few minutes to brew, whereas 12-volt coffee makers could take up to an hour. The brew cycle is longer than the models we use at home and takes between twenty-thirty minutes. You could reduce this time by using hot water instead of cold.

You may also buy a portable battery-powered coffee maker for use on the go. The downside of battery-powered coffee makers is the time they take to brew coffee. This means that when it is done brewing, your coffee is not hot as some coffee has been sitting in the cup for a long time.

12-volt Dishwasher

There are no 12-volt dishwashers. The car’s electrical system cannot supply the power required.

Simply use your regular portable countertop dishwasher with an inverter connected directly to your car battery. The inverter will convert the car’s 12-volt DC power to the standard 110-120 AC power household appliances need.

12-volt Electric Skillet

There are a few 12-volt electric skillet, frying pan and sauce pan models in the market.

Using a 12-volt electric skillet needs you to manage your expectations. You will be cooking off power from a battery much less than your house’s power. This means slower cooking.

The skillet does not get very hot and may not cook foods that require extremely high temperatures. Most 12-volt skillets are small, lightweight, and adequate for a one- or two-person meal. Line with foil before cooking or warming food to make cleaning easier and stress-free.

12-volt Espresso Machine

12-volt portable espresso machines are much smaller than the models used at home. You are advised to use hot water to reduce the brewing time. Cold water will take longer to heat up and will drain the power of your battery, thus reducing the shots you can make on a full charge.

These machines are smaller than regular expresso machines and easy to use.

12-volt Food Warmer and Oven

A 12-volt food warmer and oven is great for reheating food on the go. These food warmers take thirty minutes to one hour, depending on whether the food you reheat is frozen. Ensure you use a microwave or oven-safe container to heat your food. Plastic ones may melt easily. Plug it in as you drive and forty-five to sixty minutes later, your food is hot and ready to be devoured. Handle it carefully, as the dish will be very hot, especially if you use glass pyrex dishes.

When shopping for a portable food warmer you have several options. You can choose a 12 volt model like HOTLOGIC Mini Portable Oven that can be used only in your car. Or you can buy a universal 12V/24V/110V Aotto oven you will be able to use in your car, truck and kitchen or hotel room (check if you can use an oven in your hotel room to avoid problems).

These warmers and ovens are a bit slower than regular home models and may not thoroughly cook meals that would last hours in the oven at home.

12 volt Grill

There are no 12-volt grills that you can plug into your car. The car’s electric system cannot supply the power needed by the grill.

When you want to grill from your car, simply plug your home grill into an inverter and plug it into the battery as your engine is running. Remember to unplug it when not in use to avoid draining your battery for nothing.

I suggest getting a portable charcoal or propane grill if you enjoy grilling when you travel.

12-volt Hot Plate

12-volt hot plates do not exist in the market. Hot plates require a power of 600W and above, but the car’s electric system cannot provide such power.

If you intend to use a hot plate in your car, carry your regular home model and use it with a power inverter connected to the car battery.

12-volt Ice Maker

12-volt ice makers are a few, but you can get one like this one from BougeRV. Get a 12-volt ice maker for camping trips or outdoor parties to make cold refreshing drinks. These ice makers make ice in under ten minutes, even faster than some home models.

Most portable ice makers are small and quiet. Sometimes you even forget them until you hear the ice dropping.

One of these will come in very handy as they can make a lot of ice quickly. I advise making ice in big batches and storing it in your freezer to have ice whenever you want.

12-volt Kegerator

A kegerator ensures your beer is always cold, fresh, and flavorful. Even better to have a 12-volt model in your car for camping trips or outdoor parties. Although a few models exist, you can still get a portable kegerator when needed.

Do research to find the best possible solution for you, as the market for portable kegerators is still very limited. Ensure you get your device from a reputable brand with a warranty and a money-back guarantee in case the kegerator fails to function as needed.

Note that most 12v kegerators have a capacity of five liters.

12 volt Kettle

A 12-volt kettle is a wise investment to provide hot water while on the go.

Follow the instructions of the model you buy to ensure it lasts long and serves you well. Most models require that you do not fill water past the maximum mark for efficient use.

Avoid directly putting noodles, tea or coffee, eggs, and other food items in the cup. Please wait for the water to boil and pour it into a separate cup or bowl to cook.

After boiling your water, wait a few minutes before opening the lid to avoid getting burnt by steam.

Of course, a Spardar 12-volt kettle will take longer to boil water than your home kettle as the power supplied by your car is lower. It takes ten-twenty minutes to boil water. The portable kettle holds less water than the home mains kettle.

12-volt Refrigerator and Freezer

There are many options for 12 and 24-volt refrigerators and freezers. You can get a refrigerator, a freezer, a mini fridge, or a dual or combined model. Whichever model you choose, it is a worthwhile investment for your road trips, camping trips, boat trips, or outdoor parties.

Most portable models are smaller than home models, but they also work to keep your items at the set temperature.

Consider investing in an insulated to protect your appliance from scratches and damages. The cover is especially practical for models that open from the top.

Make sure to buy your unit from a reputable supplier. Review previous buyers’ reviews to get a feel of what to expect and how the model works.

12-volt Microwave

The car’s electric system cannot support the power requirements of a microwave oven. As a result, there are no 12-volt microwaves available. When you need to reheat food in your car, use your regular home microwave with an inverter.

You can also use other appliances such as a 12v slow cooker or a 12v warmer or oven to heat your meal.

12-volt Rice Cooker

There aren’t very many portable rice maker options available. Most of the models are much smaller than regular home models. Osba Mini Rice Cooker will cook enough rice for one or two people. They have three functions: cooking, heating, and keeping warm.

Having a pot of fully cooked rice takes about thirty minutes to one hour. You can prepare more than just rice in it. Also make porridge, noodles, soups, or stews.

12-volt Slow Cooker

There aren’t very many models of 12v slow cookers available. Nonetheless, you can get RoadPro-RPSL-350 Quart Slow Cooker that will serve you well while away from home. The portable slow cookers are perfect for reheating leftovers and take about twenty minutes. Say goodbye to expensive, unhealthy, and not-so-tasty drive-through food.

The portable models are smaller than the slow cookers we use at home and cook less food on a go. The food made using a 12v slow cooker will be enough for one or two people.

12-volt Toaster

Toasters use a lot of power which the car’s electrical system cannot sufficiently supply. Therefore, there are no 12 volt toasters.

Carry your regular toaster and use it with an inverter.

12-volt Toaster Oven

12-volt toaster ovens do not exist. This is because they require a high power outlet to function, and the electrical system of cars cannot provide the required power output.

Go for an inverter and use your regular toaster oven model.

12-volt Wine Cooler

12-volt wine coolers are also nonexistent. While on the go, you can use your 12-volt fridge to chill the wine. Or use your regular wine cooler with a power inverter.


12-volt appliances offer a great solution to getting healthy, hot, home-cooked meals while on the road, whether working or out for a trip. Moreso, these devices will be useful in case of a power outage.

From 12v kettles to 12v rice makers and 12v refrigerators, you can enjoy your meals and drinks how you like them, anywhere and at any time of the day or night.

Remember to use these appliances while your engine runs to avoid draining your battery. They can also be used with other batteries like solar batteries that have sufficient power and 12v power sockets.

Purchase your gadgets from a reputable supplier and follow the safety instructions to ensure your appliance lasts long and serves you well.

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