Are Toaster Ovens Allowed in Hotels?

Not everyone is fond of ordering room service while staying at a hotel. Whether on tour or at a business meeting, the sudden craving for a home-cooked meal can seem too tempting to ignore. Not all hotels have a fully-furnished kitchen for you to be a Masterchef. Your trusty toaster oven is an ideal companion at that time.

Toaster ovens are very lightweight and portable. You can carry them around without much hassle. Having a toaster oven in a hotel room along with some basic utensils is like carrying around a mobile kitchen. With a toaster oven, you can make something to eat when you do not feel like having restaurant meals or takeouts.

Are Toaster Ovens Allowed in Hotels?

It depends on the hotel and what rules they have. Some hotels have en-suite kitchens, but most have all the necessary equipment. There is no need for you to bring a toaster oven.

If there is no en-suite kitchen in the hotel you wish to stay at, you can consider bringing a toaster oven. A toaster oven is a handy appliance to whip up some quick meals no matter where you are. But it is better to ask the hotel management beforehand if a toaster oven is allowed or not.

You can take some utensils with your toaster oven to set up your small kitchen in the hotel room. If you think that will make your luggage too heavy, there are also disposable plates and cups to use.

Why Are or Are Not Toaster Ovens Allowed in Hotels?

The main reason many hotels do not allow toaster ovens or other kitchen appliances is its risk. Many hotels have a kitchen or a stove or microwave in the hotel room. Those hotels are more lenient regarding cooking inside the room or using kitchen appliances.

You can bring a toaster oven to these hotels. They have the necessary measures to prevent disasters in the room. That is why they allow the guests to hone their cooking skills.

Some hotels will not allow a toaster oven or any cooking inside their rooms. Fire hazard is one of the main reasons behind such restrictions. No matter how skilled or cautious you are, accidents can happen when you cook.

If your appliance is faulty or if there is any short-circuit, you can unintentionally set your room or even the hotel on fire. Many hotel management is not too keen on taking this risk, especially in small and low-budget hotels.

Can You Bring a Toaster Oven to a Hotel and Use it?

If you want to bring your toaster oven to a hotel and use it to make some quick meals, keep a few things in mind.

First, check with the hotel you are about to stay in and ask them if toaster ovens are allowed in the room. You can also check the website or brochure for that particular hotel. If they have an en-suite kitchen, stove, or microwave in their rooms, you can safely assume that toaster ovens are also allowed.

Ventilation is another thing to keep in mind. You might not burn your food, but it can become smoky in your room when you cook something. That raises the risk of a fire or the smoke alarm ringing.

A lot of smoke alarms have sprinklers attached to them. So if you want to avoid your room from being flooded when you are just trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich, ensure enough ventilation.

Circuit overload is another thing to keep in mind. Toaster ovens are not super power-consuming. They are safe in most cases since the wattage in a toaster oven is less than a hair dryer. So the chances of overloading your room’s circuit are very slim. Still, if you see any unusual activity with the electricity after plugging in your toaster oven, it is better to avoid using it.


With a toaster oven packed with your stuff, you will not have to worry about dealing with bland restaurant meals throughout your trip. But do not stuff your toaster oven in the luggage without checking with your hotel first.

If their policy says you are not allowed to use a toaster oven in the room, you will carry it for no reason.

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