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Breville BMO870BSS Review – The Combi Wave™ 3 in 1 Oven Preview

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In my Breville BMO870BSS Review (preview, actually) I will lay out what I have found about the new Breville oven – The Combi Wave™ 3 in 1.

The Breville BMO870BSS combines 3 oven types in one appliance – air fryer, convection oven and microwave.

The brushed stainless steel oven features tried and tested Element iQ system that provides power where and when it is needed for perfect results.

This oven is not yet available for purchase on Amazon, but I found it in BestBuy, and it is also available on

If you need Breville oven right now, here are the models available on Amazon.

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Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1 Features

Breville BMO870BSS oven - 3 appliances in 1

Five Cooking Modes

The oven offers multiple cooking modes:

  • Convection oven
  • Microwave oven
  • Airfry
  • Fast Combi – cooks by combining convection oven, grill and microwave functions to get the results as fast as possible
  • From Frozen – cooks perfect meal from frozen ingredients
  • Food Menu – select the food from the list (see image below), and your Breville oven will do the rest

19 Presets

The Breville BMO870 has 19 smart presets built in. Some of the presets are Smart Cook, Smart Reheat and Smart Defrost.

If you have read my guides about cooking frozen pizza in toaster oven and reheating cinnamon rolls, you know it is possible if you know how to do it. The smart mode presets makes your job so much easier.

Quiet Operation

The oven beeps less and works quiter. It also features soft close door that is 8-% quieter than the previous model BMO735.


When you open the door, you can access a number of shortcuts to commonly used tasks like popping popcorn, softening butter, melting chocolate, and more.

Dials and Buttons

  • 6 Function buttons:
    • AIRFRY
    • OVEN
  • A BIT MORE™ button – press the button if the cooking is finished and you want to add finishing touches
  • Instant +30/START button & TIME/Select dial – each press adds 30 second cooking time at full power
  • ADJUST dial & STOP/CLEAR button – turn dial to adjust the power level, weight & quantity that corresponds with the food type selected. Press once to pause without cancelling the program. Press twice (or more if necessary) to clear the display.
  • TURNTABLE OFF button – Press once to stop the turntable from rotating during cooking, and press it again to reactivate the turntable.
  • Shortcuts panel:
    • Sound – this button allows you to choose between the new or the traditional sound suite when using the microwave oven
    • Mute – this button mutes the sound of the microwave
    • Units – switches between grams and ounces, and from Fahrenheit (°F) to Celsius (°C)
    • Child Lock – locks the interface of the oven
    • Keep Warm – lets you keep the food at 160°F/70°C, from 5 minutes to 2 hours
    • Favorite – saves your most used and favorite cook, reheat or defrost setting


  • Wattage
    • Microwave – 1200 W
    • Convection – 1400 W
    • Grill – 1100 W
  • Quartz heating elements – 2 on top / 2 below
  • 3 rack positions
  • Settings – Smart Cook, Smart Defrost, Smart Reheat, Fast Combi, Cook From Frozen, Air Fry, Oven, Microwave, Grill, A Bit More™, Child Lock,+30 Instant Start, Turntable Off, Shortcuts Panel


  • Exterior – 20-2/5in x 20-1/5in x 12-1/2in
  • Interior – ND
  • Net Weight – 25.6 lb / 11.6kg
  • Oven Capacity 1.1 cu.ft / 32L

Box Contents

  • Oven
  • Combi Crisp pan
  • Pan legs
  • more to come!

Customer Reviews

Coming soon!

Breville BMO870BSS oven


Breville BMO870BSS vs BOV650XL

Here I will compare this oven with Breville BOV650XL.

Breville BMO870BSS Videos

See the Combi Wave™ 3 in 1 in action – Product Demonstration

Say hello to the Breville BMO870BSS Combi Wave™ 3 in 1 – Air Fryer, Convection Oven & Microwave

The Combi Wave™ 3 in 1 – A new world of power and versatility with Air Fryer, Oven & Microwave


It is still too early to say but it looks like the Breville BMO870BSS is one of the best toaster oven models you can get in 2019 retail season!

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