How to Eat Tteokbokki

If you have tried or like Korean food, you must have heard about the famous Korean dish tteokbokki. It is simmered rice cake that is sweet and spicy to eat. The dish is very common in Korea. Not just in restaurants, you can probably find it in any street vendor’s cart while walking down the street.

There is no definite rule, but there are some things one should follow when it comes to eating tteokbokki. If someone is wondering how to eat tteokbokki, the answer lies ahead.

How to Eat Tteokbokki?

There is no ‘correct’ way to eat tteokbokki. You can experiment with different side dishes and see which one you like the most. People often serve tteokbokki with fried vegetables, a sundae (Korean blood sausage), rice balls, pickled radish, fish cake, soy sauce, tteokbokki sauce, scallion, boiled eggs, garlic, tofu, and so on.

While there are no strict rules on eating tteokbokki with a particular side, there are some rules on the reheating process. Tteokbokki does not sit well in the sauce and is not the best dish to microwave. It is better to put the tteokbokki to simmer on medium-low heat in a saucepan. Use some water or broth to reheat it, so the tteokbokki is warm and soft.

Is Tteokbokki Eaten Hot or Cold?

It would be best to eat tteokbokki while it is warm and soft. Tteokbokki becomes cold and hard when you put it in the fridge. Fresh tteokbokki is eaten while it is still warm. To eat frozen tteokbokki, you need to reheat it before eating.

If you do not know how to store tteokbokki or reheat tteokbokki correctly, you will not be able to enjoy the dish that much.  Use some warm water or broth to soften the tteokbokki while reheating them.

Can You Eat Tteokbokki Cold?

No, Tteokbokki feels quite hard and chewy when it is cold. After placing Tteokbokki in the refrigerator, eating them without reheating the dish is impossible. You cannot chew cold Tteokbokki since the texture will feel all wrong. Tteokbokki is best served warm.

There are some methods to follow when storing and reheating the Tteokbokki. If you do not know how to store Tteokbokki correctly, you will not be able to enjoy the dish that much.

What To Eat With Tteokbokki?

Do You Eat Tteokbokki with Rice?

Rice is not the first thing one would choose to eat with tteokbokki. The dish is made out of rice since it is called Korean rice cake. Tteokbokki is consumed mainly as a snack, so rice is not the ideal choice to pair with it. You can eat it without anything on the side or eat it with some fried food items.

Do You Eat Tteokbokki with Kimchi?

Kimchi is another famous Korean dish. It is considered to be a side dish made primarily out of salted vegetables. The pairing may seem unusual, but you can eat tteokbokki with kimchi. The vegetables in kimchi are not fried, but they still taste pretty good because of the seasonings and more. It can be a good side dish for tteokbokki.

Can You Eat Tteokbokki for Breakfast?

We have already mentioned how tteokbokki is more of a snack item. You can eat Korean stir-fried rice cakes for breakfast. People usually do not go for heavy dishes in the morning. tteokbokki is light enough and fulfilling enough to be passed for as a breakfast dish. So yes, you can eat tteokbokki for breakfast.

If you do not mind eating something spicy and comforting in the morning, ask for a serving of tteokbokki when you are in South Korea. The street vendors will not disappoint you.

Do You Eat Tteokbokki with Chopsticks?

Yes, tteokbokki is eaten with chopsticks. South Koreans do not have a problem with eating their dishes with chopsticks. If you are eating tteokbokki at home, it does not matter how you eat it. You can eat it with or without chopsticks.

If you are in South Korea and looking forward to eating tteokbokki, get ready to be served with a pair of chopsticks. If you have trouble eating with chopsticks, then avoid using them. It is better to enjoy your meal than to poke it around with a stick.


There are not that many instructions when it comes to eating tteokbokki. It is supposed to be comfort food. You should not feel obligated to follow some strict rules if you want to enjoy a bowl of tteokbokki. Eat it however you like.

Even in South Korea, you do not have to eat it as the natives do. Ditch the chopsticks if you are not comfortable using them. Just savor the taste of tteokbokki with or without a side dish of your choice.

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