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Best Kitchen Faucets For The Money – Kitchen Faucet Guide (Updated 2021)

While some people are already contented with just any faucet for their kitchen, there are also some who spend a great deal of time evaluating all possible options with regards to the selection of best kitchen faucets for 2020 to end up with the best choice.

The kitchen taps that are available today differ in terms of different factors. For instance, there are different designs, types, mechanisms, materials, colors, and brands, among others. With these, it becomes more critical to know these differences to end up with the best possible option.

In the rest of this article, you will be provided with a variety of information that can give you the opportunity to evaluate a multitude of alternatives. By the end of reading this, you will most probably have an idea of what will work best for your cooking room.

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Types of Faucets – How to Choose the Best Kitchen Tap For The Money

One of the possible options would be a single handle faucet.

As the name suggests, this is a faucet that will require you to cut one hole on the counter-top. It offers the benefit of being easy to use. They are also very efficient as it is straightforward to control both the flow of water and its temperature.

There are single handle faucets that are also pull-down or pull-out sprays. It is a good thing since it will give you the opportunity to extend the cord and have it directed to whatever needs to be washed. It also makes it convenient to wash fruits and vegetables.

Another kind would be two handle taps.

With this, you will have more flexible controls of supply of water. Also, if one handle malfunctions, you will have the option of using the other handle.

5 great kitchen faucets you can buy in 2019

Best Budget Kitchen Faucet

Here is my 3 favorite best affordable kitchen faucets that will not break the bank.

#1 WEWE 3T01L

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel color Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Pull out FaucetWEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull out Kitchen FaucetCheck Price

The WEWE 3T01L single handle pull out faucet is one of the most stylish looking kitchen faucets you will find in the market for affordable amount of money. The number of various features that come at this price range will surprise you. The design itself as well as the multifunctional outlet for water effects remains the most eye-catching ones.

In this piece, we will be talking about all the big features this faucet bags in. First comes the sleek design. This faucet has a furnished finish with a body made from brass. The handles are made of zinc alloy metal, with a stainless steel spout.

All this sums up to one single advantage, which is long-term usage without any worries. This is because a faucet is prone to contacting water the most and thus, anti-rust and corrosion is a must. The dimensions of the product are 22.7 x 11 x 3.1 inches. Weighing 5.1 pounds, this faucet is ideal in terms of both size and weight.

On the other hand, the multifunctional water outlet enables you to enjoy 3 openings in one. The single handle provides hot water when pulled backward and cold water when pushed forward. We can twist the sprayer to adjust from three water stream modes- stream, spray and pause.

The spray will help in cleaning up your kitchen with ease. The stream will easily help us to fill up large containers like jugs and glasses. We can use pause to stop the water from running and, switch from stream to spray mode (or vice versa).


  • The sleek design helps to add elegance to your kitchen counter.
  • The multifunctional faucet does the work of three spouts in one.
  • You will love this product if you are a DIY person
  • You can rotate the spout with 360 degrees angle coverage
  • The neck of the sprayer stays tucked inside, giving it a smarter look
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosive
  • Single hand faucet


  • The sprayer might reduce water pressure after usage of less than a year
  • The colours are not persistent and might fade easily
  • The packages are often missing components
  • The valves used might wear out easily
  • The plastic sprayer retractor might become less efficient


KINGO HOME Lead Free Modern Stainless Steel Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Spring Brushed Nickel Kitchen Sink Faucet with Deck PlateKINGO HOME Stainless Steel Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen FaucetCheck Price

The KINGO Home KHKFT45L-D Stainless Steel Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet is another must-have budget kitchen faucet. We love the design and the build. It has a lead free body, which ensures maximum health safety during usage.

The KINGO Home faucet will make your kitchen look more heavy duty and professional. The smooth looking nickel brushed finish helps make your kitchen look elegant. The product comes in four colours for preference – two shades of nickel and two shades of bronze.

The valves are made of ceramic discs. This means that even the inner structures are free from any risk of corrosion or rust.

The exterior is anti-rust and anti-corrosive. This is because the body is made of brass covered in nickel and the handle is of stainless steel.

You can also expect three modes of water spraying systems from this amazing faucet. It has a stream model that streams a straight jet of water. This will help in filling up containers faster.

The spray jet model helps to clean up things better by spraying a distributed jet of water. Between these two modes is a pause mode for pausing the water flow.

The sprayer of the faucet comes with a 360-degree spout rotation for cleaning tricky corners. The extended sprayer can reach up to 8.7” in length for flexibility. The height of the faucet is around 18.7 inches and the package weighs around 7.4 pounds.

A twisted metal coil covers the sprayer for a good and long lasting retracting function. You can return the package for a full refund within 90 days. Moreover, the replacement is free for lifetime.


  • Ceramic disc for the valve enables complete drip resistance
  • Three water spray modes for your convenience of use
  • Extended pull down sprayer that reaches a length of 8.7”
  • Money back guarantee of 90 days in case of inconvenience
  • Reinforced twisted metal coil for long lasting retraction ability
  • Free lifetime replacement for any parts of the product
  • 360 degree sprayer coverage for a good cleaning


  • Hard to install
  • The locking nut might not suit the kitchen setting
  • Nozzle might break
  • The temperature setting might begin to glitch within few months of usage


VAPSINT FST006L Stainless Steel Spring Brushed Nickel Mixer Pre Rinse Pull Down Sprayer Single Handle Kitchen Faucet, Pull Out Kitchen Sink FaucetVAPSINT FST006L Stainless Steel Pull Down Sprayer Single Handle Kitchen FaucetCheck Price

The VAPSINT FST006L Stainless Steel Spring Brushed Nickel Pull Down Sprayer Single Handle Kitchen Faucet is undoubtedly one of the largest cheap kitchen faucets. It has an incredibly lengthy sprayer. The height of the faucet is around 20.86 inches.

The VAPSINT pull down sprayer is a big sized faucet that adds more elegance to your kitchen. The 7.87 inches of pull down sprayer helps you in reaching out to different angles for ease of use.

The faucet has a big spout held up with a spring for retraction of pull down sprayed for prolonged use. This makes your investment worth the while. Still, it is very lightweight compared to its size.

The tip of the spout is equipped with a button that helps switch between two modes. The modes are aerated stream and powerful spray cleaning. The first mode helps filling up water for containers while the latter is used for cleaning with ease.

The single-handed faucet offers both warm and cold water. The build quality is very lucrative given that the body is made of brass and the handle is made of stainless steel. This is all coated up with a layer of brushed nickel.

The installation is pretty easy, considering the weight of the faucet as well as that of the installation accessories that come along. The Deck Plate makes the whole process more convenient.

If any parts go missing, you can call up the manufacturers and they will replace it for free.


  • Big sprayer extender
  • 360-degree coverage for single and double kitchen bowls
  • Two modes provided with the tap of a button – straight steam of water to a high-pressure spray
  • The faucet is very easy to install
  • Whole body is covered with brushed nickel.
  • Reinforced twisted metal spring for protecting sprayer extender
  • Comes in four different colours of brushed nickel
  • Single-handed
  • Lifetime replacement warranty for any part


  • The sprayer button gets problematic in half the cases
  • The temperature control is very sensitive
  • The hose might spring a leak
  • Replacements are not that easy to find in some regions
  • The nut might not fit properly

Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100 | $200 | $300 | $400 | $500 | $1000

We are still working on the comprehensive review of more expensive faucets and spigots in different price ranges from 100 up to 1000 dollars.

Best Kitchen Spigots With Pull-Out Sprayer

The best thing about the pullout faucet is that it will allow you to have it extended outside of the sink. It will prove to be useful if you need to have a bucket that would not fit in the sink to be filled with water, or if you want to use the spigot to clean some areas near the sink or rinse larger utensils like pots and pans.

Also, another benefit that can be enjoyed from the pull-out unit is that you will be able to wash vegetables better. You no longer need the greens to be rolled on your hand and put it below the spigot. Now, you can spray water even on the areas that are hard to reach by a standard faucet.

If you have some plants in the kitchen, this type of tap will also be suitable. It will allow you to water the plants, without needing to move the plant to the sink. Make sure that you have a long hose to reach areas that are far from the sink.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets

Aside from what has been earlier mentioned, there are other brands, and models of oil rubbed bronze faucet. One of its primary benefits is that they veer away from the traditional look and color of faucets. It gives your kitchenette a contemporary look.

Belle Foret is among the brands that should not be missed when looking for a bronze faucet. The specific model is meant to be a pot filler. It leaves a big space, with its rotating bar, which will make it easier to fill your pots with water.

Kraus and Kohler are two other brands that offer oil rubbed bronze spigots. Both of them provide excellent functionality, which can be seen from the pressure of water that is being supplied. More importantly, they add charm, no matter how simple or plain your sink is.

White Kitchen Faucets

If you want a clean-looking cooking room, the best thing to do is to look for a white faucet. It will be a good choice if you have a black sink or dark-colored fixtures or if you want to pull an all-white look.

Some people are skeptic towards using white faucets because of the belief that they are hard to clean and that they accumulate dirt easily. That is not the case. Many of them remain clean-looking after a long time; you have to choose the right brand.

Almost all of the brands of taps offer the color white for several models. It is up to you to choose the one that will be a perfect addition to your kitchen. Regardless of what you will want, it will be a good idea to pick white, especially if it matches the overall feel of the area at which it will be installed.

Best Kitchen Faucet Brands 2020


Moen Reflex Pull-down System is among the most significant benefits that you can get from this faucet. With this mechanism, the spigot will work precisely the way you want it to, giving you the opportunity to use it more conveniently, without any fuzz.

More so, many of its users have also commended the Hydrolock Installation System, which makes it easier to have all lines of water supply connected. In fact, there will not be any need for the use of any tools. You can also do it for yourself, and it will require a minimal amount of your time.

Many of the faucets from Moen have LifeShine Finish. It will make your spigot appear very nicely, adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Most importantly, the finish will not wear off after a long time of having it installed, making it appear as good as new all the time.


Several of the faucets from Delta has a pullout design, which many of its users have found to be very functional. It is good that it has a magnetic fitting, which means that you can pull it out quickly and bring it back to the base conveniently.

When looking for a new faucet, there are also many people who take into account the way it is built. With Delta, you will be satisfied. It has solid construction and manufactured from durable materials, which means that they will last for a long time compared to other available brands.

The Diamond Seal Technology, which is incorporated in the design of Delta faucet, makes it possible for such to have a tough diamond coating that will make it useful for years. In fact, it has been claimed by the manufacturer that this innovation will make the taps last even after 5 million uses.


Kohler’s ProMotion Technology is a feature of their faucet that makes this brand well known within the product category. This technology makes the design of the spigot ergonomic, which means that you will require less effort and complication in its use.

One of their models, the Simplice, is a common choice when people shop for faucets that will be installed on the sink. It is designed with solid sculpted button, making it easy to use and control even if your hands are wet and soapy.

The durable metal that is used in Kohler faucets has also been commonly cited by its users as a good thing about this brand. The metal is free from corrosion, tarnish, and rusting. It will provide the best value for your money, as you can be assured that you will not have to replace them shortly.


SpeedClean Anti-Lime System is one of the best features of the faucet from this brand. This will reduce the build-up of lime in the unit. This build-up should be avoided because it can contaminate water and it can also shorten the life of your faucet.

Also, another thing that can be liked about the taps from Grohe is Locking Dual Spray Control, giving users a higher level of flexibility during its use. This feature makes it possible to switch back and forth between the spray function and the regular flow of water from the faucet.

Another technology that is incorporated in the faucets is the SilkMove Technology. As the name implies, movement of the water on the spigot will be as smooth as silk. With a simple control of a fingertip, you can already trigger the water to come out.

Price Pfister

Users of this tap have found the customer service of the company to be excellent. For instance, in one case, the tap has been used for 14 years, and when a problem has been encountered, the user found that this product has a lifetime warranty.

If you are worried about having difficulty in the installation of your faucet, this brand will not make things complicated for you. Aside from the fact that the pieces are easy to assemble, it comes with an instruction manual that can be easily followed by anyone.

More often than not, simplicity is the key. The faucet from Price Pfister is very simple to operate. It has a handle that can be easily controlled. It is an essential feature for those people who despise other brands and models that have an excellent design but are difficult to use.

American Standard

If you are looking for a specific model of the faucet that can be installed in the outdoor barbecue area of your home, or at the bar, this brand will offer a good choice. American Standard faucets that have a sleek design, which means that their size is perfect for small sinks.

If you are the type of person who is not into do-it-yourself jobs, you do not need to worry about installing this faucet. Even if it is your first time to replace an old tap, or to install a new one, everything will be a breeze, and within few minutes, you can start enjoying the functions of this product.

One thing that the company assures of its users is that their taps will be free from any drips, which is a common problem with other brands. Its purchase comes with a lifetime warranty, which is an excellent way to make the users feel that the company has invested in its design and functionality.


Even if Danze had just begun its operations in 2001, it has quickly grown into one of the finest brands in the market. It is a proof of the claim of the company that they have satisfied their users, not only in terms of aesthetics but more importantly, with regards to the functionality of their products.

Elegance is one thing that would be right to describe the designs of the faucets from this brand. Many of them are Victorian in its design. They will undoubtedly prove to be an excellent addition to your kitchen, especially if you want your sink to look as elegant as possible.

If you are looking for a different color of the faucet, aside from the traditional ones that are commonly shiny silver, Danze offers oil rubbed bronze faucet, which will be a head turner. Your guests will surely notice how beautiful your spigot is.

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