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Thermoworks Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer Review

One day I was browsing one of the forums I frequent each day, and I saw a post from a man who was telling a story about how his wife called him nuts because of…him buying a kitchen thermometer for her.

Wait a minute. There must be something going on. Being a bit of a gadget freak, I did a quick research.

Here is what I learned about the Thermoworks Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen – that’s the name of this gadget.

1..2..3..Ready – Splashproof Thermapen Works That Quick!

With a 3-second temperature reading splash-proof super-fast thermometer is one of the fastest thermometers on the market.

Why does the speed matter for a cooking thermometer?

People who cook a lot are often complaining that they spend too much time with their heads in the oven.

Not only is this not the most comfortable body position, the heat getting out of the oven. The up and down heat cycling is not what you want when you are cooking.

Thermapen quick read thermometer takes a temperature reading in 3 seconds, so you don’t have to hold the oven door open long.

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ThermoWorks Thermapen Features

0.1 Degree Resolution

In case if you need it, you can measure the temperature with 0.1-degree accuracy in a full temperature range of 572 °F. If it is not necessary, you can switch to full degree mode.

TIP: if you want to check the accuracy of your measuring device, test the boiling water temperature. Reminder – the boiling point of water is 100 °C or 212 °F at standard pressure.

Splash-Proof Design Without Cables

No more worries about getting Thermapen quick read thermometer wet! The Thermoworks Splash Proof Super Fast Thermapen belongs to the new generation of Thermapens with the splash-proof design.

Now, this digital device is protected from wet hands and kitchen splashes. People even report accidentally leaving it to soak in the rain, and it still works!

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The traditional commercial thermometer design featuring the cable has several drawbacks.

  • The cable connector is the first thing that fails in the kitchen thermometer
  • It takes two hands to do the reading
  • What you do with the cable after using the device is wrap it around the meter. Which is often covered with grime and bacteria and contaminates the meter.
  • This unit has a fold-away probe, which frees your one hand and eliminates the risk of frying the cable.

Design Features

The probe on this device is slender, very long, and the sensor is very near its end

  • Due to its smaller diameter, the probe leaves smaller holes. Who wants a chicken or bread loaf with huge holes?
  • If the sensor is near the end, you don’t have to insert it very far to get a reading
  • The longer the sensor, the less risk of burning your hand

Simple operation without an on/off switch

  • Open the probe, and the measuring device switches on.
  • Close it, and it shuts off.
  • No buttons mean fewer places for germs to hide.

You can set several configuration settings with dials located in the battery compartment

  • Set the measurements in C or F  (the measuring range is 58.0 to 572.0 degrees F / -49.9 to 299.9 degrees C)
  • Set the readings in tenths of degrees or whole degrees
  • Disable the auto-off for continuous readings till the probe is closed
  • The calibration trim button fine-tunes the unit calibration

Available Colors

12 Thermapen colorsThermoworks Fast Therma Pen is available in 15 different colors – Pink, Grey, Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Brown, Teal, British Racing Green, White, Tan, and Cornflower Blue.

Measure Everything

WARNING – you will develop an addictive habit of poking anything with this device. People who have bought this tool is using it to make:

  • mochas and lattes
  • meats on the grill
  • baking bread
  • chicken and fish

People even check the temperature of oil on the pan and….even water in the bath!

Is There Anything Missing?

The first thing missing is the lock for the temperature so that you can see the previous reading without needing to write it down.

Then, if you are left-handed, the display will be on the wrong side for you. Make a habit to hold it in the right hand, and this issue will be solved.

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Your Thermapen needs a case

After spending a reasonable amount on this tool, you would not want to scratch this great kitchen utensil. So do yourself a favor and buy a nice leather case.

The Instant Reading Thermometer has been a favorite measuring device among restaurant chains, health inspectors, and quality managers worldwide. A lot of cooks are using them and giving favorable testimonials.

The bottom line is that if you grill, if you cook, if you bake – you gotta have this gadget! Or you can also check out ThermaPen’s younger brother – the ThermoPop.

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