pile of red chili peppers in the box

What Desert Goes Well With Chili – Best Desserts To Serve With Chili

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Chili is one of the most common spices people use in their food, and that is why we always want to know what dessert goes with chili. There are endless types of dishes that you can use your chili on. Examples of these include fried chicken, beef stew, baked potatoes, cooked rice, and onion rings.

You can also incorporate chili into your deserts to make them extra tasty. Many people love and enjoy desserts. It is the last thing they’ll remember about your meal, so you better make the desserts memorable. Chili will help you to achieve this.

After serving yourself, your family, or your friend some delicious food, it is time to complete that meal with desserts. Here are some desserts that you can comfortably serve with chili.

Angry Apple Pie

This is the usual all-American apple pie but made spicier using chili. When making your pie, ensure to sprinkle hot pepper on one side of it and the other side with the usual pie crust. The final result will be a spicy pie.

Those who have tasted the angry apple pie prefer it to the plain pie.


Salads are the most common dessert people go to, especially when they want to add chili. You cannot go wrong when you pit chili pepper and salad together.

You’ll have a variety to choose from when you settle on this dessert. This is because there are numerous types of salads you can prepare.

The common thing is to add chili to it. For example, you can combine various vegetables and come up with a green salad. When the salad is ready, put in some chili.

Spicy Praline Bacon

If you want your guests to be pleasantly surprised, you should definitely serve them the spicy praline bacon. The presence of chili will make your bacon spicy.

This dessert goes really well with pancakes too.

Cinnamon Rolls With Chili

Cinnamon rolls prepared with chili are one dessert that so many people debate about. It seems like a weird combination, but you will no doubt love the taste.

If you went to school in the United States, you are probably familiar with cinnamon rolls with chili because they are typically served in schools. Those who had it for lunch on special days or got it at the cafeteria cannot imagine not eating cinnamon rolls with chili.

To enjoy this dessert, serve your hot cinnamon rolls and pair them with a bowl of chili.

This dessert is also perfect as comfort food during the winter.

Mexican Brownies

If you are looking for a tasty and simple dessert with chili, you should try Mexican brownies. This involves preparing your traditional brownies and chili powder (this jug of chili will last a long time!) as one of the ingredients.

The chili will give your brownies an extra spicy taste. Another ingredient that you can add to this dessert is cayenne.

Corn Chips

You can enjoy your corn chips (I love these blue corn chips) with some chili. You can either put them in separate bowls or pour chili on the chips when serving this dessert.

If you decide to put the corn chips and chili in different bowls, you have to take your chip, dip it in the chili, and enjoy it.

pile of red chili peppers in the box

Condiments and Toppings

There are times when you might not know what dessert to prepare to accompany your chili. Condiments and toppings can be your go-to dessert to serve with chili. You may have seen this in restaurants, but you can also create yours at home.

Simply prepare your chili bar and let your guests choose what they want. Therefore, tomatoes, onions, and chili chopped together in a food processor make a perfect vegetable condiment. You can add other ingredients as you wish.

For toppings, try sour cream or cheese.

Sriracha Lollipops

When Sriracha lollipops came out, people went crazy about them, and they still do. This is because of how tasty and spicy they are. If you enjoy it, you can definitely consume it as a dessert and share it with your guests.

If you’ve thrown a party and you want to impress your guests, give them Sriracha lollipops. These lollipops have been made using Sriracha hot sauce (here is my fav kind). This means that they are very hot.

You might get addicted to the hot sweetness.

Cornbread Waffles

This is a perfect dessert even for kids because it is tender and sweet. Chili is an excellent complement to cornbread, and you will have a perfect dessert.

You first need to prepare your waffles the way you usually do. Use a waffle maker before adding the chili to it. It is simple to make, and 15 minutes is enough for it to be ready.

Spicy Hot Chocolate Macarons

Adding chili powder to your macaron will give it such a delicious taste that you may find yourself eating all of them before it gets to the table.

Put the chili when pouring in your chocolate.

Next time you make hot chocolate macarons in your best toaster oven, add chili to prevent it from being plain.


You might have been confused before about desserts that go well with chili. However, we hope you have received some clarifications on what desserts you can use with chili.

The trick lies in knowing what ordinary dessert can go well with chili. You can’t go wrong when you try out the ones mentioned here.

As you continue to prepare your desserts, you’ll start to understand which ones to serve here, including those we may not have mentioned.

What you can do is have around 3 to 4 desserts from the list provided that you can always run to when you’re pressed for time or when you don’t know what to prepare. For example, you can always do salads, corn chips, and cornbread waffles. You can then learn the rest as you go on.

Being experimental and having fun with food will improve your skills. People will start coming to you for advice on how to pair their desserts with chili powder. Don’t be scared. Start by trying out one or two of the desserts we’ve mentioned, and you’ll have the confidence to go on.

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